Inadvertent goodness

Set the clock for 4:30 PM. Duh.

Woke at 5:44, jumped up, gulped some coffee and hit the mat at home, since I’d blown the Mysore opportunity.

Oh wait, I have a meeting at 8AM, and I have to take it in the office.

My solution was a one second inhale/one second exhale, standing through navasana, pasasana through supta vajrasana, quick urdhva dhanurasanas, rope wall dropbacks, no closing or savasana practice. Whew!

Know what though? I felt fantastic driving to work. My breath has been slowing down as I grind through my daily primary plus part of intermediate practice. It’s been taking close to an hour and 45 minutes lately, and truth be told, I’ve been feeling tired and burnt out.

So today’s zippy split practice was great!

I wonder if I have the psychological wherewithal to apply what I’ve learned. That some days are good with a shorter practice. Argh! It challenges my methodical mind that likes to be repetitive and not expend energy thinking about what I ought to be doing at the crack of dawn. My default is to do ALL long practices or ALL short practices. I like to be extreme.

I may do split practices for a while and see how it feels. The stress of leaving it open and deciding every day would kill me.


Just a post ago, I talked about wanting to go to Australia. The 22 hour flight kind of put me off. A long way to travel for a yoga class.

Interestingly, my boss asked me yesterday to go to Singapore at the end of October. A 23 hour flight. Which will bring me tantalizingly close to Australia. I’ve never flown for such a long stretch, and I wonder if I’m going to go berserk. Tempted to book an interim flight to Australia before heading back to the US…