Cool enough that I priced tickets to Australia

A great laugh and 100 percent resistant to dogma.


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  1. I thought you might like that!

    (Notice he’s also a fan of the semi-insane _Sex, Ecology, Spirituality_ opus.)

  2. Hmmm…I took a workshop with him at Triyoga Soho and wasn’t too impressed. Maybe he’s better in small groups.

  3. thanks for the link…I listened to it in the car today. he seems like a thoughtful teacher, but I think david williams might be next in my personal hit list…

  4. Yeah, but does DW have a podcast? 😉

    I’ve read some cool things about DW. Doesn’t seem to be a lot out there, though. If you know of some good sources, let me know.

  5. I’m trying to workout a road trip to hit a primary series workshop with DW this fall in central mass. you’re right, though, I’ve read his famous letter and some workshop reviews, but that’s about it. I totally dig his focus on breath/mula bandha, no pain, no adjustments approach.

    he does need a podcast, though!

  6. i love matthew sweeney! i couldn’t listen to the podcast though, my computer is challenged. he says some really great things in his book and on his website. i would love to study with him, for real. Australia is crazy expensive!

  7. Oh, try to listen on someone else’s computer, then, Tova. Don’t know if you’ve heard him speak, but he’s got a terrific accent and a delightful sense of humor. I was really impressed with how un-dogmatic he is about vegetarianism and the six day practice week. I am always interested in people who are respectful of a tradition without becoming rigid about it.

  8. that is what i like about his book. he seems very adept at honoring tradition but also respecting ones own body.

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