More fun with hammies

Led primary this morning. Nice. Lots of people, lots of heat. A new guy who came out of nowhere and seemed to know most of the poses. No idea how he found the place, but a good sign, that new folks are finding the shala.

I played around some more with the hamstring thing. I’m finding that it’s useful to do bridge pose and think about the medial hammies. I have to admit that up ’til this point, I’ve never had much use for setu bandha. It just seemed like what you’d do if you couldn’t do urdhva dhanurasana. As it turns out, though, it’s perfect for exploring the actions of the glutes, hamstrings and feet in urdhva dhanurasana. So between all urdhva dhanurasanas today, I spent time hanging out in setu bandha.

The new thing in urdhva dhanurasana is the sensation that I am going to go rolling forward and face plant. I guess this is happening because my shoulders are loosening up and I can push my chest further forward past my hands. Sitting here at the kitchen table, I just put my arms in the air a la urdhva d, to remember what the feeling is all about. Whatever it is, it’s weird. I guess my hands and feet are getting closer together and my body is turning into a wheel and as far as I can tell, when I do finally roll, it’s gonna be chest first. This is one of those sensations I am very surprised to experience. When I think about it, it makes perfect sense, but I hadn’t thought about it ahead of time.

Perhaps this is one of the coolest things about practice: you hear things and see things and think about things, and then when you are in the midst of the actual experience, it is quite different than you might have imagined. Kind of puts it all in perspective, how useful it is to think about things ahead of time. I’m sure every thing I “discover” as I go along is something that someone already told me, or I read somewhere, or that makes perfect sense — the thing is, until you can use it, it’s of no use whatsoever. I’m like a monkey with a bunch of shiny tools. Damn, they look nice, and I hope some day I figure out how to use ’em.


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