Moon Day, spider bite, futon

Missed led primary yesterday. The dog was up all night, drinking buckets of water and peeing in the backyard. I actually just propped open the door that leads from the bedroom into the back yard and went to sleep. Didn’t want to have to get up every time she asked to go out. So she was back and forth all night — pacing, pacing, pacing. I called the vet in the morning and they said I could bring her and just wait to get squeezed into their schedule. Best case scenario is that it’s a urinary tract infection, less-best cases would be kidney problems or diabetes.

The dog loves people, but is a little sketchy about other animals. So I drove to the vet’s, checked in at the desk, and told them the dog and I would be waiting out in the car. Where we sat for 2 hours. I was a little hyped about getting her over there and examined in time to make practice, but it became clear pretty quickly that class wasn’t going to happen. Okay, fine.

After 2 hours in the car, we were called to sit in an exam room for another half hour. Then a checkup, a blood draw, some antibiotics, and we were on our way. The diagnosis is UTI, and they took blood, too, to check her kidney function since she is such an old girl. She is a pit bull, so vet assistants tend to approach her rather gingerly. It’s very funny to watch, because she is the gentlest, most human-loving creature ever — and within a minute, the initially cautious assistants are loving on her and getting kisses and giving her treats. When we were leaving, the assistants were all waving goodbye to her.

I had been planning to take today off, in honor of the Moon Day, so missing yesterday’s practice kind of threw me. I decided to go ahead and take the Moon Day anyhow because I realized that I haven’t had two days off in a week since I got back from surgery. So it’s been 3 months. I think it’s a healthy idea to rest. I tend to incorporate routine very easily — I have to reel it in a bit and break the pattern of practice-practice-practice. I always wonder if my (seemingly) correct practice routine isn’t a bit lacking in mindfulness. I don’t want to introduce the habit of thinking about whether I want to practice each day — that’s just too much additional thinking, but every few months, I need to reassess my energy. If it’s all focused into a singleminded practice habit, I need to try to push it off those rails a teeny bit, to bring it back to a gentler place.

To reinforce my plan not to practice Ashtanga today, the universe sent me a spider. Which bit me on my eyelid. I woke up with a hugely swollen left eye. Okay, vanity will keep me out of the shala, if nothing else. The Cop, getting back from the nightshift, was appalled at the bite. Not the swollen eyelid so much as the idea that there’s a rogue spider roaming the bed.

Speaking of the bed, I think our bed is done. I got this idea last night, as I tossed and turned and ended up finding a comfy spot right smack in the middle of the mattress. It was a great bed, but it’s more than 10 years old now, and I think it’s been slept-on to death. I had some nostalgia for futons, as I drifted in and out of sleep on the crappy mattress last night, but when I uttered the word “futon” this morning, The Cop blanched. Guess we’ll be looking for a new mattress. I don’t care whether it’s a futon or a mattress, I just need a harder surface to sleep on. Preferably sans arachnids.


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  1. Did the dog meds work? Good for you for taking your dog to the vet as soon as you noticed the problem, most people wait weeks!

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