Clogs, video day, literature review

Yes, the clogs are here! Woohoo! I love them. I imagined them to be hugely dorky, but as it turns out, they are quite subtle when paired with pants. Has the design changed over the past thirty years (last time I had a pair)? They seem pared down, design-wise. Or maybe I am just older and have a higher tolerance for dorkiness. Along with the clogs, my buying frenzy included these pants, which I tried out yesterday at practice. They are now my official very-favorite practice pants. Is Prana as evil as, say, Nike? I hope not. I think I need one of their little logos tattooed on me, I like Prana stuff so much.

Yesterday was one of VBG’s famous Picture Days. He brought the still camera, and I brought along my little mini camcorder. Took a clip of each person doing their dropbacks. It’s quite instructive to see your dropbacks. Instructive as in devastating. LOL! Sanskrit Scholar said, “I didn’t realize how much space there was between my hands and my feet.” Uh, yeah — that’s kind of the downside of the visual evidence; the upside is a chance to really look at your form. I like to review the evidence, practice not being attached to any perceived lack, and then set it aside to be compared to a later piece of evidence. It’s been slow going for me, backbend-improvement-wise, but the photos and video clips I’ve gathered suggest I am moving in the right direction. Ah, reversing the karma. Just like backing a truck out of the mud. 😉

I am immersed in the literature review we’ve been putting together for the board of directors. Predictions about the future of the world and the future of the profession. *Heavy sigh.* It is lovely to work on a project that requires actual thinking, but I will be happy to see the end of it, because thinking takes up time, and that really seems to interfere with what I have to get done at work. In that sentence resides the reason I could win the lottery and walk away from working life with no regrets.

There are three people on the lit review team: a market/economist guy, a subject matter expert, and me. I’m there to think and to write. We’ve been reading and documenting and discussing for months. Now I have to take that big pile of stuff and turn it into a coherent explanation of what we did, and squeeze out a compelling vision of the future. Yesterday was a writing day, so I worked from home. 8AM ’til 5PM, cranking away at the keyboard. Writing concentration is a fascinating thing: very deep and very focused. All-consuming. You really have to give yourself over to it, much like a tough asana practice or a day of zazen. You can’t start talking to yourself about where you are / how it’s going / what you’re doing — in other words, no meta-view of the process. Any internal monolog will bring the whole thing crashing down. Kind of cool. Honestly (and frighteningly), though, I am out of practice for this kind of intellectual concentration. I suspect that may be true of 99.9% of all so-called knowledge workers. Business moves too fast for people to do any kind of serious thinking. Time is money. There’s a good chance your career will progress more successfully if you just learn how to talk out of your ass and go with that. Thinking? Why bother? Yes, I know that sounds cynical. I am pretty sad, though, to see how contemplation’s been chucked out the window.

Thursday is home practice day. Time to get on with it…


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