The improv class that wasn’t

Two people showed up today: The Other Dave and me. Volleyball Guy told us to practice Mysore style. Okay. At first I was all discombobulated and wondered if I should do a full practice of all of primary and my part of second. It seemed like the right thing to do, since I would do that if I were doing my practice at home. But the sudden change to what I had been expecting to do (improv) kind of threw me. I wasn’t planning on doing my own practice. Blah blah blah. Why is that even an issue, I wondered to myself. Then I just began.

Well, what happened was a good practice. I was distracted by a new top. The material is great — very soft and it feels really good, and basically the top is so comfy that I was afraid I was gonna flash someone without even knowing about it. Turns out it just required an occasional adjustment to keep everything in order.

Volleyball Guy decided to torment me once I got to the intermediate poses: handstands after ustrasana, laghu vajrasana, and kapotasana. But not just one laghu vajrasana. After the first one, he said, “Handstand.” Then, “Good — laghu vajrasana again.” Followed by, “Handstand.” Followed by, “Again, laghu vajrasana.” And, of course, “Handstand.”

As I was setting up for kapotasana, I said, “Can’t we just talk for a while?” He laughed and said, “This isn’t Anusara.” So kapotasana and then another handstand. I totally expected to face plant, but was okay in the end. Thank God there are usually other people to distract him during practice.

I asked about my fast breath, and again he told me I was fine. As long as the breath syncs with the movements and it feels smooth, I am okay.


The Cop is grabbing some sleep and then we’re going to go see “The Bourne Ultimatum.” Then we’ll pick up my folks and take them out to dinner at P.F. Chang’s. They just discovered P.F. Chang’s and think it’s great. I think they may be under the impression that it is a Mom and Pop restaurant. This is amusing, because it’s a chain restaurant and there are a bazillion of them, including in Boston and Florida, where they lived before Arizona. The Cop is not a fan, but he’s agreed to pretend he is so everyone can feel like this is very special. It’s not like it’ll matter much anyhow: he always eats too much popcorn at movies, so whatever he eats for dinner isn’t gonna be very important.


4 Responses

  1. I have that same top in a different color. I like it but I feel like my boobs are going to fall out of it or something. I only wear it for home practice — I’m too scared to go out in public with it!

  2. Hi Karen. I sent an email to Dave. Can you check to see whether he got it Thanks!

  3. The occasional flash is NOT a bad thing 😉

  4. Will do, Suzie!

    And YM and Tim: Perhaps men designed this particular top…

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