Early, karma, thoughts

Flexibility and strength limitations/idiosyncrasies are not random, but cultivated.

Premise: Karma comprises habits of the mind/consciousness that we bring with us (and that direct us) into new incarnations.

The physical things that we confront in practice are a kind of karma — habits of physicality, highly individualized — that we’ve constructed over this lifetime. And ongoingly. (And possibly previously, but no matter).

How we deal with these perceived limitations, these idiosyncrasies, may be left over karma from previous incarnations. Or just this lifetime, if that makes anyone feel better. Equanimity, frustration, anger, greed.

To persist, to be(come) conscious of the forces that created and sustained (and may still) the idiosyncrasies, to undo them, to free one’s self from the habits of mind and body. To free one’s self from karma.

To know the self is to forget the self. To forget the self is to be enlightened by all things.

— Dogen


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