Lin-Chi, notes from the iPhone, led & lunch

A new book: The Zen Teachings of Master Lin-Chi. Lin-Chi was a student of Huang Po. And we already know how much I love Huang Po.

If I were to discuss the great concern of Buddhism from the point of view of a follower of the sect of Zen patriarchs, then I could not even open my mouth, and you would have no place to plant your feet.

Someone asked, “Master, whose style of song do you sing? Whose school of teaching do you carry on?”

The Master said, “When I was at Huang Po’s place, I asked a question three times and three times I got hit.”

The monk started to say something. The Master gave a shout and then struck the monk, saying, “You don’t drive a nail into the empty sky!”

That said, I have some notes on my iPhone. Yep, an iPhone. Compliments of my boss. I’ve been saying for quite a while that the future of training involves smart phones and other mobile devices, so the organization’s called my bluff and presented me with the phone. Now it’s time to make some mobile training. In the meantime, the phone is great. Well, the hardware and the Apple software is great. The network stinks.

Notes from the iPhone:

Bindfry’s blog reminded me of flow states this morning. I’ve wondered about flow states before — specifically whether samadhi is actually just a super flow state. A flow state where the thing you are absorbed in is emptiness.


This morning is led primary and then lunch with the Mysorian yoginis. (I am amused that my voice recognition software now recognizes the word “Mysorian.”) It will be good to spend time with them. We’ll talk, but we won’t try to drive too many nails into the sky.


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  1. i always liked that chines panda ling ling

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