Sleep disturbance, Deltoid karma, Trance

Slept pretty poorly last night. The dog kept getting up, so I’d go open the door to let her out. She’s been feeling kind of stiff lately, or so it seems, and she’s developed a bit of reluctance to go over the back door threshold, which is metal and a little slippery. I had the bright idea of putting an old yoga mat over the doorway to give her more purchase. So there I was at 1 AM, 2AM, 3AM, rolling out the yoga mat like a runway for her into the back yard.

So I’ve finally started getting into my shoulders, which is evident by the soreness that greets me each morning. Took a little time to research this morning and verify that it’s what I was thinking: yup, the insertion points of the deltoids. That’s what’s killin’ me these days. Right where the heads of the delts insert into the humerus. I imagine most people struggle with the lower back in kapotasana — for me, it’s a shoulder thing. Found a nice, concise page on shoulder anatomy. Scroll down almost to the bottom for a picture of Flex Wheeler. Oh yeah, that was me for years and years (except for being a white girl and weighing less than one of the dumbbells he’s lifting). So I made pretty much all of this shoulder karma I am now trying to burn through. Day after day at the gym, doing shoulder presses and delt flyes. Silly me. Shoulders were always my bane — I had to work very hard for very little return. And now? Trying to undo it all.

Mysore practice was good this morning. Day before a day off, which always feels a little challenging — at least psychologically. Once I got started, though, I felt nice and strong. Definitely was in a deep, dreamless trance by the time I got to the end of primary. I actually got off my mat and made a loop around the room before I started in on intermediate poses: I felt like I needed to bring my consciousness back to the room a little bit. I wonder if there is a level of meditation that’s too deep for physical practice? I felt fine with it in primary, but a little leery of being that deep during kapotasana. Laghu vajrasana is like magic lately — I used to have to keep a very specific amount of tension in my muscles during the five count, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to come back up. Today, though, it felt like I just breathed myself back up — very much like a helium balloon. I am not a floaty type, so it was quite a fun feeling.

Supta vajrasana was self-assisted with my trusty Manduka. And the roll actually does a very nice adjustment to the arms/shoulders that you don’t get with the human adjustment.

At the end of class, I rolled up my mat and put it in a corner of the room. We can leave mats at the shala now. Very convenient. Volleyball Guy mentioned that we could leave them a few days ago but no one did. I think we were all kind of nervous about the idea, since we’re accustomed to toting our mats around. Now, though, people are starting to leave them, and it’s very charming. Very much like home.


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