Okay, I’m sold

I’ve been struggling through the longer practice, until this very morning. No idea how this happened, but all of a sudden the trek through primary and one third of intermediate seemed perfectly normal and do-able. Each step along the way, even from the very beginning of standing, seems to unlock whatever needs to get unlocked as I go along. One pose makes the next possible (not always in a perfectly sequential manner, but something like that). I just patiently went along, unlocking, popping, snapping and stretching all the weird little idiosyncratic knots in my body. (How odd that I take them for granted, and actually think they are “me.”)

I had a nice glimpse into the beauty of the sequence. The logic of the structure. I mean, I always know (intellectually) that it’s there. Today, though, I really felt it. Truly, a beautiful design.

Volleyball Guy is reliably helping me get my toes in kapotasana each morning, and the backbends are starting to make a kind of sense, starting to feel… well, comforting. I am very surprised about this.

Sleep is a little off-kilter: a little hard to fall asleep, lots of wisps of dreams each morning, a general preference to be awake. Someone was talking about nerve cleansing this morning, and I laughed and thought, “Yeah, cleansing. Like you rip the brittle tumbleweed of your nervous system out of your body and rinse it in the kitchen sink. With scalding water.”

I am impressed that an experience can be both so soothing and so unnerving. Very create and destroy. Or, rather, destroy and re-create.


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