Led, the rack, questionable requests

Led primary this morning. A good crowd at the new shala. Already the space feels comfy. So a nice practice and then I came home and took my luxurious Saturday post-practice nap. The dog was sharing the couch with me, and taking up more than her fair share of room, so I took a one hour nap with my legs kind of frogged up, like in baddha konasana. In case you’re wondering, that sleeping position makes your hips rather creaky and stiff when you try to wake up and get some Gatorade.

Last night I got home from work and saw a box on the doorstep. Woohoo! The rack! Yup, the rack is here. And it hurts like a son of a bitch. Seriously, it’s intense. I tried just draping myself over it, which was painful because it is made of wood and I am made of bone. Much more bone than anything else, when it comes to my back. So I draped a mat over the rack and gave that a try. Much better. Then I tried putting the cylinder under my shoulderblades and reaching back with my hands to grab the slats (a la kapotasana), then I rolled until my head was on the floor and my arms were torn out of their sockets. End of story.

When The Cop was getting ready to go out on his night shift, there I was, arranging my props for my evening torture. Did the two rack stretches for a minute each, three sets. Then five minutes on the chest opener prop I have. Then a few dropbacks, assisted by the ever patient rope wall.

This morning, I woke up with a very sore upper back. But sore in a good way.

At led this morning, Volleyball Guy mentioned to the crowd that we’d have an improv class tomorrow. He said that last week people asked for third series poses, but that we won’t be doing that again, so people shouldn’t be afraid to come to class. I felt kind of bad about all of that — I was one of the third series requestors. Not because I think I can do them well, or because I think other people ought to be able to, but simply because I’m curious and generally find that trying crazy things makes me happy. And also that it’s strangely team-building. I have to realize, of course, that not everyone feels the same way — I am convinced that my department at work should go to the local climbing gym as a team-building experience for one of our quarterly meetings, but I’ve been shot down every time I’ve suggested it for four years now. Because everyone wants to stay in the conference room during the quarterly meeting and maybe stand up and do an interaction like “secret bingo,” where you go around and learn things about each other and when someone fills their card with the most bits of info about the others, they yell (well, in theory they yell, but in practice, since it’s a conference room, they simply say) “bingo.” OMG, right?

Okay, I’m signing off with some Honghzi, because everything he ever wrote is relevant to any thought or experience I might have:

Separate yourself from disturbance and face whatever appears before you. Not one iota seeps through from outside. The two forms (yin and yang) have the same root, and the ten thousand images have one substance. Following change and going along with transformation the whole is not clouded over by previous conditions. Then you reach the foundation of the great freedom.


2 Responses

  1. Hey,

    You know what’s a real team builder?


    Check out my awesome blog (really!) to learn more!

    Thank you,

    The Original Widget Wanker

  2. Ah yes! Widgets! The solution to everything. Thanks Original Widget Wanker. You’ve solved all of my problems.

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