Sad heart

My Gift called me yesterday afternoon. Her snake died. She was very sad. The snake was young. She got it a month ago, after long hard thought about whether she’d be able to feed it mice. The snake, Sev, was the runt of his… litter? (Not sure what the term for a bunch of snake siblings is…) Anyhow, he seemed, right from the start, to be weaker than your usual snake, and he didn’t have a good appetite.

Recently he shed his skin, and then he stopped eating altogether. My Gift tried feeding him a number of times. She was unhappy that his diet consisted of mice (she purchased and kept frozen mice for him in her freezer). She checked with a friend who works with snakes, and was reassured that he would eat when he was ready. Guess not.

I felt so bad for My Gift. We chatted for a bit, and for some reason she started telling me that she is wondering if she should keep dating The Frenchman. They’ve been an item since she was 16. They are lovely together, but, as she pointed out, she is only 19, and if there is any time to date other people, now is the time. She is trying to sort this out: do you break up with someone you care about just because you are too young? I would vote “yes” in a heartbeat if I were her, but I was never sufficiently grateful for what I had. I was always looking to see what else was out there, always looking for something new. Santosha took long, careful cultivation on my part. I guess that’s why I value it so deeply.

My Gift, though, has always been a gentle, heartfelt individual. I’m a quick vata, and she’s a thoughtful kappha. I don’t want to counsel her to go against her own nature: her gratitude for the good things she has is admirable.

So she’s in a difficult place. I thought about her during practice today, and all I can do is pray that she finds peace of mind, no matter what she decides to do.

Yesterday we discussed what she should do with the snake’s body. Last night she sent me an email:

“I buried Sev in the forest. I buried the frozen mice as well.”

She’s a sweet, gentle person.


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