How nice is it to practice and then not have to go to work? Pretty freaking nice.

After Mysore, Sanskrit Scholar, The Cat, Renaissance Man and I went for coffee and chai (and for The Cat some kind of crazy drink that looked like whipped coffee with bits of Oreos mixed in) at Starbucks. Mmmmm. I love Starbucks. Try not to go very often, though, as it’s a bad habit just waiting to happen. Ditto Dairy Queen (love the vanilla swirly stuff with the cherry coating). Anyhow, we sat around and talked about all the things Ashtangis talk about: poses, injuries, other practitioners, caffeine, yamas, food, other teachers, other studios, niyamas, personal practices, Sanskrit, etc. We are a strange people.

Practice was lovely, of course, with no thoughts of needing to keep moving and get myself through practice and back home to prepare for work. Aside from supta kurmasana, Volleyball Guy has pretty much been saving up his adjustments ’til the very end of my practice, when he swoops in for bhekasana (God, I love that pose and that adjustment), laghu vajrasana, kapotasana and dropbacks. Actually, he asked Returning Guy to spot me on dropbacks this morning. Which makes me wonder if his back is hurting these days… I know the adjustments he does for me are pretty intense (on supta kurmasana he picks up my feet so I can fall through — I’m not very heavy, but still, that is one awkward position for the adjuster). The kapotasana adjustment was also very good, though I can’t figure out how he does it. He was sitting at my knees, and managed to reach around me and pull my elbows toward my head.

And yes, Keyworder K, there was tingling. And it lasted past the pose. Most of today’s electricity-in-kapotasana was in my tricep inserts near the elbows, or so it seemed. My hands were very tingly, and right through savasana, my middle and ring fingers on both hands were tingling. Still a little numb even now. I take all of this as a good sign. 🙂

I had a dream that I had my folded crashpad behind me (folded, it’s about 6 inches high) and was doing dropbacks. Right now The Cop is in the garage, wrangling with the Jeeps (transmission fluid leak in one and gas tank leak in the other), but when he’s done and recovered from the horror, I may ask him to spot me and give the crashpad idea a try. I mean, it IS for crashing, right?


5 Responses

  1. when I started doing dropbacks and standing up on my own, I used to have the husband help me. I could dropback no prob (a side effect of all the gymnastics I did when I was younger), but standing up was a completely different story. Husbands make great helpers.

  2. and you love bhekasana? oy. crazy lady! 🙂

  3. Hmmm, maybe I should teach him how to do a bhekasana adjustment! Gosh, I wish I had a history of gymnastics that I could call on. It makes me feel a little better that at least you had to work a bit for the standing up. 😉

  4. Given my experience with dropping back/standing up on the beach this weekend, perhaps you should install a sand box in the yoga room?!? Seems practical to me 😉

  5. The closest thing I have to a sandy beach here in the desert is the cat’s litterbox, and that sounds pretty awful!

    You know, if I can’t get the dropback thing squared away in a few months, I might just have to install a yoga room sandbox!!

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