Real-time response to technology

Just noticed on the list of keywords people used to find me today:

ashtanga kapotasana tingly foot

Whoever used those words to find this blog, I have a little something to say: I imagine you got here and found out it was mostly because I keep saying kapotasana. Sorry about that. Not sure where I mentioned “tingly,” but I imagine it was in relation to The Cop. “Foot,” was probably from the time I cut my toenails too short, a mistake I’ve not made again.

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking about “kapotasana” and “tingly” together lately, and even considered writing a little about it this morning, but other things got in the way. I am not having a tingly foot in kapotasana, but I am having some significant tingles in my triceps, upper back and shoulders. Actually, the triceps sensation is more like “awful pulling pain,” but the shoulders and upper back are definitely tingly. Under the left shoulderblade there is what feels like electrical sensations and pings and tingles. And in various spots across the upper back there are all sorts of weird sensation spots.

I am very confused when I am in kapotasana, so it’s hard for me to say exactly where all the pings and tingles happen, but I get the impression that they kind of move around each day. They felt freaky at first, and a little frightening. I was brought up to fear physical sensation and anything that wasn’t “normal,” so in order to overcome my early training and actually accomplish ANYTHING, I try not to (over)react. Turns out, I am usually just fine, no matter what a particular situation (including any given asana situation) brings up.

The tingles are nerves, I’m guessing, and maybe muscles that are being asked to move in directions to which they are not accustomed. Or maybe it’s just my mind moving. Regardless. I’ve heard of people getting buzzing in their ears and going deaf (not permanently!) in difficult poses, and I’m thrilled that people share this info, because it helps me feel like all the sensations I run into are probably perfectly normal, or within bounds of whatever people who want to do kapotasana in the first place might consider normal.

So good luck, keyworder. The tingles are a-okay.


4 Responses

  1. Do the search terms find us…or do we find the search terms…spooky 🙂

  2. LOL! I never thought of it that way. I’m out in the universe, picking up people’s search terms…

  3. i’m honoured! a whole post dedicated to me and my (still) tingly foot. it’s been tingly since Friday, and Kapotasana is only my guess since I think I may tend to clench my glute (and therefore my hip is hurting and pinching a nerve, perhaps??), but it sounds as though your tingly body part(s) are only while you’re actually *in* the pose. Lucky!

    thank you for letting me feel normal, even if it ends up that I actually am not..

  4. Whoa! Technology really does work! I figured the likelihood of the mysterious keyworder actually seeing my post was about equivalent to the likelihood of my winning the lottery. Must remember to buy a ticket.

    Oh, the tingling is ongoing, eh? I remember KJS blogging about an ongoing nerve-related tingle a good while back. I *think* it was kapotasana-induced. Can’t remember if it was leg or foot or what. It did ultimately resolve, though. I made a mental note at the time to remember that tingles are acceptable, because I knew if I ever got one, it’d freak me out. So yes, my current tingles are only while in the pose, but I suspect I may get some ongoing ones once I can get deeper in.

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