Inverse relationship between strength and flexibility

Got my toes in kapotasana today. With LOTS of effort. Yay, me! It’s definitely the most thrilling thing I can possibly imagine, because it is so difficult. I am one sucky backbender.

First Mysore practice in the new space. All of the Mysorians (except Crim Girl) showed up. Lovely.

I am noticing an inverse relationship between the loosening up of my shoulders and my general strength. Kapotasana and supta vajrasana are working their magic on my shoulders, slowly loosening them up. The whole shoulder girdle is in the midst of reconstruction, it seems. Which means that when I do the marichyasana binds these days, my shoulders are being challenged in all sorts of new ways. Which also means that I am struggling like crazy with the transitions out of bhujapidasana and supta kurmasana. My shoulders just feel shot. More flexible, less strong. I am assuming this is a normal transition and that things will get squared away eventually. I don’t like feeling wimpy, though. Ah, perhaps my unwillingness to be weak is the heart of my inflexibility? Interesting metaphors, at the very least.

Stomach grossness was avoided by having just a half cup of coffee with soymilk, versus my usual full cup with cream. And I snuck in an ibuprofen, because (0v0) started talking up the drugs last night and nothing says sucker for peer pressure like the consumption of drugs. Now I have to try to avoid the cause and effect thinking that will suggest that the ibuprofen is WHY I could get my toes in kapotasana. So complicated.

I was at the door at 5:15 as Volleyball Guy opened up the shala, so that I could practice and then get to a meeting at 7:30 in the office. Uck. Moved swiftly through practice, noticing that there is no clock in the new space. As I finished up supta vajrasana, Volleyball Guy said, “It’s 6:30.” Ten breaths in padmasana and I was out of there. Raced home, got ready for work, raced to the office. Opened my email to find a note that the meeting had been cancelled and will be rescheduled later in the week. Sent a note agreeing to a new meeting — but no earlier than 8 AM! Sheesh. Let’s be civilized, people. The 7:30 meeting stuff is too cruel.


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  1. Hi Karen
    I agree with the “no meetings at 7:30am” request. When we’re in the throws of a project heating up towards completing a milestone, sometimes one of the consultants or the contractor will ask for a 7:30 meeting under extenuating circumstances, such as that the estimator will be assigned to another project soon and this is the opportunity to have his presence. But since they see me frown whenever there is a meeting before 9:00 or 9:30 because of yoga practice, they tend to hold to meetings later, if I’m involved. So I think people can respect our need to practice before we get to work. After all, I stay later than most folks to compensate starting later.

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