Inaugural run

First class at the new shala. Sunday morning is a mixed class, so we got to make requests. I asked for galavasana and astavakrasana. The British Director asked for koundinyasana A and B. Such fun! Just this morning, CJ mentioned how curiosity makes everything new. I think that thought spurred me to request arm balances.

Back when I first did yoga, before Ashtanga, my teacher was… I know, this is terribly shocking to write: an Anusarian. He had a class every Wednesday from noon ’til 2, and it was an improv class. I loved it. For one thing, I was telecommuting back then, so I could keep my own schedule, and there’s nothing cooler than knocking off for two hours in the middle of the day to play around with all kinds of yoga poses. Martin used to have us do tons of arm balances and inversions. I was scared at first, but then I decided my only rule was going to be that I would try anything, whether I thought I could do it or not. It made life SO much easier, to never have to decide if I ought to try something. And it turned out to be such fun. Even if I sucked at a pose, I knew I would learn a little something that would come in handy at a later point in my practice.

So this morning we did arm balances in the new shala, and people sweated and laughed, and probably swore a little bit, too. In savasana, I had this tremendous urge to go back to the gym and work on core strength, but then I kind of thought about it a bit and realized I may be overreacting. Yes, the third series poses require lots of core strength, and that’s all well and good. Where I actually AM, though, is at the beginning of second, and the poses I am working on now require that I loosen up and achieve more flexibility. My mind wants to run off and pursue strength, because that’s something I know how to do. Uh uh, Karen. Back up the truck. It’s flexibility training for the immediate future.

In the meantime, The Cop was spending his time arresting a white supremacist who has a long record, including two decades in prison for first degree murder. Truly it is remarkable, how different and how similar our worlds are.


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  1. Sounds like an excellent beginning! My best wishes to the community and VBG.

    I have heard the rumors about Anusara owning Arizona. Where was the meeting where they divided up the map like that? Yet… you holdouts in Scottsdale give me hope. I long ago told the Editor that it will be nigh on to impossible to get me to think twice about NAU and ASU… yet you all spark my hopes in the southwest.

  2. Well, Flagstaff (NAU) may still be Anusara country. I haven’t looked for Ashtanga there… Phoenix and Tucson (University of Arizona) are Ashtangi-friendly. Did just read this morning, though, that profs in AZ are paid less than pretty much anywhere else in the US. That said, the desert rocks, and perhaps makes up for the $$$ one could get elsewhere.

  3. Hmmm, very good to know.

    BTW, the thugs at wordpress are requiring me to create a wordpress acct, which refuses to link to a non-wordpress blog. And I’m not even sure, having followed their new dictate, whether my comment will go through to you. But this is (0v0) here, anyway. This is a test….

  4. Came through just fine. I haven’t heard anything from WordPress… Wonder what the proprietary link business is all about? Hmmmm.

    Tucson has a terrific Ashtanga shala:

    You should move here to the desert! I’ll buy you a huge bottle of Excedrin as a housewarming present.

  5. Eureka! Six mornings of Mysore is all I ask, and this place more than does it. I had no idea. And Tucson is groovy.

    I didn’t actually take Excedrin this morning, but it is nice to know it’s there in case I need a new vice. Fantastic stuff.

    Dunno about wordpress. Later it let me go in and create a profile, but it still requires that I log on before I comment on WP blogs. Whatever.

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