Last Friday at Starbucks of Yoga

Been reading about people doing parts of primary along with their second series poses — rather than the traditional all-of-primary — and decided that since I’ve been feeling a little crisp around the edges, and since I had a conference call to be on at 7:30 AM, I’d see about knocking off primary at baddha konasana.

As I finished up the vinyasa after baddha k, I caught Volleyball Guy’s eye and gestured as if I was going to do pasasana. He nodded. Cool.

Well, as it turns out, my notion that skipping a few poses would give me more energy for the intermediate poses was kinda true, but there was a fatal flaw. Seems the ending poses of primary are a nice little breather. To go from baddha konasana to pasasana, for me anyhow, was more like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Yes, I am back on the pre-practice coffee, after a week of drinking my caffeine AFTER practice. And today was one of those horrible pukey-feeling backbend days. Exacerbated by the abridged version of primary, I believe. Urp. It was so bad that I had the cold sweats. Uck. As I explained to The Cop, Volleyball Guy assists me from laghu vajrasana through supta vajrasana, and then through the dropback sequence, during which time other people are finishing up their practices and getting ready for dropbacks (i.e., needing his help), so I can’t slow down to try to let my stomach settle. It was pretty bad, but eventually it HAS to go away.

Okay, I hurried home for a conference call, and now no one’s showing up. Oh well. Who cares? It’s Friday!!


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  1. Nothing wrong with pre practice coffee in fact its the only thing that makes me roll out of bed, fall down the stairs and collapse on my yoga mat !

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