Just a thought

You know how I said a while back that maybe some day I would love backbends? I didn’t really believe it, but it seemed like a nice idea. Well, sure enough, I love backbends. Not just in a grudging way, but in a looking forward to doing them way. I still suck at the beginning poses of intermediate, but damned if I don’t look forward to it more than anything else in practice.

And to make it all more fun, I put on my climbing harness, used a carabiner to hook myself into the rope wall, and did kinda-kapotasana hanging in the air. I had a sling (more climbing gear) hooked around my ankles, and I could hold the ends in each hand to pull my feet toward my head, since when you hang in space, there’s no way to use the ground to work the hands toward the feet — yes, that’s obvious, but ask me if I was surprised anyhow… 😉

So yeah, hung off the wall, even without my crash pad (which arrives this afternoon). The whole thing made me happy as hell. Even happier than inversions usually make me.

Go figure.

I need to go drink some vata tea. I’m way too wired to be of use to myself or others.


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