Free time in the middle of the day, Falling, Mystery

I am writing an entry in the middle of the day. Why? Well, because of GTD. My organization and productivity is going along so swimmingly that I find myself with 20 free minutes before my next meeting. This actually makes me feel giddy, which is kind of pathetic, but hey, feel happy for me!

Did I get through a couple hundred emails yesterday, and head out the door at 5:30 with only a dozen in my in-box (and all of those marked as waiting for someone else to do something before I have to deal with it again)? Yes. Yes, I did.

This morning I got hooked into my rope wall again and decided it’s time to do the more highly suspended poses, which of course requires I purchase a book of directions (The Yoga Kurunta — scroll down a bit on the page). I had a chat with The Cop and asked him to make an assessment of the security of the rope wall. A bit of background information: as a rock climber, I was always a little sketched about the security of my equipment. I find that I am equally anxious about the ropes. If I’m gonna climb up there and fold into a backbend three feet off the ground, I want to be sure the screws aren’t going to pull out of the wall.

“Can you assure me that the screws won’t pull out of the wall?” I asked The Cop.

“No,” he said.

He is an honest cop. Okay, so I make another purchase. It will also come in handy when I finally decide to do my handstands away from the wall, which I already know is going to be a big freaking psychological deal. I love handstands and pincha mayurasana, though I only do them occasionally and in secret so I don’t get excommunicated. Just for fun, not for yoga!

I also think that I might throw the dog’s bed onto the mat for extra padding. And maybe some pillows. And then I’ll take a picture of the whole mess and title it, “My Anxiety.”

The mat, folded up, is 2 feet by 2 feet by 6 inches. I want it as thick as possible. And then I’ll hope that if I fall, I hit the mat. Wow, this is just like bouldering!

In other news, I have a tattoo appointment at 3. In a sudden flash of inspiration, I have decided on a single word, which will fit nicely on the back of my neck and not impede my practice during healing time. What is it? I’ll get The Cop to take a picture later.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Karen
    How interesting regarding the Yoga Kurunta illustrations. The studio I practice in during the week is set up for various types of yoga, so there are ropes on the wall, and many props in shelves. Now I see an illustration of how it could be used in a wall to help with backbending. I imagine if you are installing one in your home you must be anchoring it safely, so that it will hold your weight. The studio I practice in on Sundays is based on traditional ashtanga. The few props that exist are hidden from view in a room adjacent to the practice space.
    I’m curious about your consumption of ibuprofen. Do you take it before practice? Are you in pain sometimes before practice? I sometimes take it on Sundays if my practice has been particularly straining.

  2. Hi Arturo.

    Yes, the ropes in my house are hung up quite safely. Of course, I was trying to get my husband to promise that they would NEVER EVER EVER fail, and he couldn’t guarantee that. To make myself feel a little better, I bought a crash pad to put under the ropes. I am a little leery because we have tile floors, so the thought of falling is kind of scary. It’s working out just fine, though.

    I often take one ibuprofen before practice lately. I am not at all a natural backbender, so kapotasana really challenges me. It seems like the ibuprofen reduces any stiffness and let’s me play around a little more freely. That may all be an illusion, of course. And I will be careful not to stick to the practice (of ibuprofen) for too long. I don’t want it to turn into a superstition (“no ibuprofen, no good backbends”) — that wouldn’t be helpful at all.

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