Moon Day Dream

To celebrate the moon day, I thought about having some ibuprofen with my coffee. Then I decided just to go along with the pain. It’s not bad pain by any stretch of the imagination. Just in an unusual place: mid-back and shoulders. Why is it that pain in an unusual place seems more compelling than pain in the places you’re accustomed to having it? Some of this soreness has been brought on by passive stretching. I still find it hard to believe that passive stretching does much of anything at all, but as it turns out, it does actually seem to be working. So now I lie around in the evenings, stretched over blocks and sandbags.

Speaking of passive stretches, I had a dream last night that OKRGR was helping me with the lunge/kapotasana against the wall stretch. I found that I could easily pull my legs forward until my feet were in front of my face. “Oh,” I thought, “so this was never about my back, it’s always been about…” and there my memory of the dream is hazy, because in the dream I could identify where, physically, the resistance in my body was, but now that I am awake it seems like it was all about another part of me that doesn’t actually exist when I am conscious, or which may exist but which defies examination and any description in language. This is what happens when I get eight hours of sleep.


3 Responses

  1. the other day my wife asked me if i had a weird dream the night before. i thought about it and replied, yes…

    i was at a bar sitting at the short side. ray bourque walked up and said, ‘you’ve got the best seat in the house!” I replied, “it’s yours, Ray!” and gave it to him.

    that’s it. but why was it the best seat in the house? and why am I dreaming about retired hockey players?

  2. Haha! Hockey player dreams! I want one where I get to hang out with Bobby Orr, Gerry Cheever, and my all-time favorite hockey rogue: Derek Sanderson.

  3. I was a big fan of the turk as well – when he was a broadcaster, though.

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