Home practice this morning. I fell asleep early last night (8:30 PM… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz), so felt great when I got up. First thing to do is respond to the impatient urgings of the cat. He gets babyfood these days, because he has stomach issues. Gak! Chicken babyfood smells hideous. Definitely doesn’t seem like something you should spoon into a tender new human.

Then I grab my coffee and happily sit myself on the couch. But first, I casually twist my knee a bit before I gaily plunk myself down. Ow!

“Seriously?” I think, “After all this yoga, I’m going to be injured by sitting on the couch?” LOL! There’s a certain delightful irony: imagine telling friends and family that I’ve injured myself sitting on the couch! They’ve all been waiting for me to die in a climbing accident, or from heat exhaustion from running around in the desert sun, or perhaps from an inversion gone wrong. “Nah,” I’ll say proudly, pointing at my destroyed leg, “It was a couch incident.”

I’m fine, though. I practiced as per usual. My legs have been feeling a little sketchy around the lower quad inserts, because of ustrasana, laghu vajrasana and kapotasana, I believe. Note, I didn’t mention “knees.” I don’t think this is a joint issue. Kind of like when I had all the collarbone pain when I was learning supta kurmasana: it wasn’t really the collarbones, but the surrounding musculature.

It’s not my knees. And no, I’m not defensive.

So anyhow, a good practice was had by all. The cat did flawless effortless contortions and breathed his awful chicken babyfood breath on me as I toiled. I celebrated home practice with the Shuffle and some new Deva Premal chanting. Including a beautiful “Asatoma.”

Speaking of which, I’ve got my Asatoma all written out for a tattoo artist, and now I just have to get it done. A bit unclear as to whether it will fit on my neck. I told The Cop that I was fine with putting it on my shoulder if it’s too big for my neck. The only hold up is that I don’t want to compromise practice. How long will it take for a tattoo to heal enough for me to roll around on it? I spent some time thinking about whether there was any part of my body that is unaffected by practice (so I can get the tattoo and not miss any practice and not miss any poses and not disturb the tattoo while it is healing). The Cop thinks not-missing-any-practice is not a good criterion for determining the location of a tattoo, but I find it kind of perfectly appropriate. I don’t really care as much about the aesthetics as about functionality and having those words inscribed on my… oh, I was going to say “being,” but really, we’re just talking about flesh.

Which brings me to my current reading: The Book of One. I don’t really know if this fellow is a prominent Advaita scholar or what, but he has a very dry sense of humor, which I find simultaneously perplexing and hilarious in a printed medium. He seems to take a lot for granted, in terms of what someone else’s belief system might be (i.e., the same as his), but I imagine I’m sensitive to this simply because I take a lot for granted about what someone else’s belief system might be (i.e., the same as mine), and as it turns out, our belief systems aren’t the same.

Still, we’re both on board with the Asatoma.

Om Asatoma Satgamaya
Tamasoma Jyotir Gamaya
Mrityorma Amritam Gamaya


3 Responses

  1. My husband broke his foot in a couch incident. Actually he had already broken his left foot (in a stretching incident) and broke the right foot trying to get up off the couch without stepping on the left foot. True story.

  2. Oh, I feel bad for laughing, but that is too funny! He must have taken a huge amount of teasing about it from friends and family.

  3. Oh, you betcha. The kids still say, “Remember when Daddy broke his foot getting off the couch?”

    It was stress fractures. He used to have a serious Diet Coke habit (like 10-14 cans a day for about a decade) and my theory is he leached all the calcium out of his bones drinking that stuff.

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