Kapo toes

On the way to Mysore practice this morning, I was thinking about work. Sigh. This is my least favorite thing to think about on my way to practice. But so be it. I also thought about Ursula’s post this morning, where she wrote:

Focus of the day: to live one moment after the other. No reason to worry about anything.

This is always good advice. I wish I didn’t need to be reminded so frequently, but therein lies the practice. 😉

Got to the shala and set to work. I’ve been doing three surya As and three Bs lately, because I am impatient, and because I’m lazy. LOL! My practice is long these days, and I guess I’m conserving energy — both physical and psychic. Plus, the 3 x 3 seems plenty enough to get me ready for standing poses.

Standing poses were fine — still a bit distracted and perhaps a bit too swift, but I don’t mind much: I know I slow down and fall into proper concentration when I hit the seated poses. And so it was. Nothing is more soothing and grounding than the seated poses. Duh, I just realized how obvious that is. Ah well.

I am still delighted with the intermediate poses. Seem to be building up enough endurance that I can put some oomph into them, which is nice. For a while there, I thought it was always going to be about limping to the end and then flopping my way through the intermediate poses. Interestingly, my coffee and single ibuprofen do not bother me the tinest bit until I set up for ustrasana. Then I have a brief moment of regret, which I put in perspective by realizing that the yucky stomach is much better than it used to be, and so probably will disappear entirely if I just am patient.

Okay, but the real fun today was at kapotasana. I grabbed my toes. I am actually, even after three hours of meetings at work, still absolutely giddy about this. I was assisted by Volleyball Guy and Sanskrit Scholar (so don’t imagine I did this by myself!), and it was all just… um… delightful. Yes, delightful! Once before, I brushed my toes, but today I had my fingers in the little space between the soles of my feet and the pads of my toes. My thought? I need to get a pedicure if I’m going to be trying to grab my heels. LOL! Jumping ahead a bit, no doubt, but I guess that’s part of the high.

I am, in the midst of this high, deeply grateful to the people who help me keep at this practice, and who are invested in my success. And I’m not just talking physical success. I’m very, very lucky.


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