Sometimes, practice

Sometimes my friend who is battling depression comes by my desk and asks if I can drive him to his shrink appointment in an hour. And sometimes I think, “God, I’m swamped with back-to-back meetings all day. This will take up my lunch break.”

I’ve practiced zen for a long time. One of the earliest teachings is my favorite: If a person is hungry, give them food. If someone is thirsty, give them water. Just because I’ve practiced for a long time doesn’t mean I don’t have thoughts about being inconvenienced. But it does mean that I stand up and get my keys and drive him to his appointment.

We have a lovely conversation on the drive, and as I park my car and head back into the office, I realize that work is a very small part of life. And that my friend is a very good teacher.


2 Responses

  1. Beautiful. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for sharing this lesson. There really are a lot of teachers around us.

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