Charming neighborhood

Visited My Gift’s new place yesterday. I was prepared for the worst — she said it was a very funky house and dirty from the previous (college guy) tenants. Got there and found it quite delightful. Yes, the floors in the kitchen slope, and the place is teeny, with three lofted bedrooms for the girls and a little livingroom, but the ceilings are high and the neighborhood is full of similar tiny places, all full of students who put lounge chairs in their front lawns and sit outside and play guitars. Very charming.

As it turns out, the place I lived in when I was a sophomore undergrad was MUCH scarier than this place. Even The Cop looked around and said, “I’ve lived in worse places.” I told My Gift that apparently I’d brought her up in too much affluence, that she would think her new place worth crying about. “Well, I don’t know about that, but you did make me a neat freak,” she said.

Yup, she cleans her house. I guess she really WAS watching as I cleaned around her all those years 😉

The Cop was wonderful: packing up, unloading and setting up a TV for her, purchasing and installing a new showerhead, driving us to the mall so My Gift could find some suitable clothes for a job interview this week. Then we went to a new sushi place. There’s a great one that we usually go to, but we decided to try another, supposedly equally good place — but it wasn’t. Oh well. Now we know.

I asked My Gift if she regretted deciding to stay up there for the summer, versus hanging out here in Scottsdale. A lot of the kids are out of town for the summer, so it’s a little lonely up at her house. She said she was happy, and that she enjoys going for walks downtown and taking the dog out for some fresh air. I’m glad I saw her and her new home. Makes me feel much better.

Good practice this morning. No crazy thoughts/fears at kapotasana. Well, no particularly crazy thoughts or fears.

Emailed Sanskrit Scholar yesterday to ask if she’d help me get a proper script of the Asatoma chant. I’ve been contemplating a new tattoo and that is what I would like to have. I was debating lower back or my left shoulder, next to a lotus tattoo I already have. The Cop, though, had a great idea: back of my neck. I will think about it a bit, but I think that’s my answer.


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