No simple answers

Vanessa got a wonderful answer to the “round or flat back” question. Oh, those cagey teachers! Volleyball Guy, if you ask him about something (“Is rounded back a good idea?”), will say “Try it for a month,” and make you actually try it. Then if after a month you ask, “Well, but what about flat back?” you’ll be assigned to practice with a flat back for a month.

Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others.
– The Buddha

So there’s always the teacher/student issue (or guru/disciple, if that’s the way you look at it). A good teacher points. A good student tries not to mistake the finger for the moon.

This morning I tried out OKRGR’s research poses for kapotasana (5/25 post). Also did the virasana/supta virasana before bhekasana sequence. Worked out really well. Bhekasana is a fun pose for me, but kapotasana is decidedly not. I think crazy things when I get to kapotasana. For example, when I’m at home and too lazy to take my black mat out of its bag and unroll it (God, that really is quite lazy, isn’t it?), I just grab a Tapas mat out of the basket in the yoga room and use that. Everything was a-okay until I got to kapotasana. As I was setting up for the pose, I had a few visions of my spine splintering, and then this intense urge to switch to the black mat. Like a dramatic, I’m-gonna-die-if-I-try-kapotasana-on-this-thin-mat kind of terror. I’m relatively accustomed to the weird things I think before kapotasana, so I just went on. Did one try (which sucked, as per usual, in terms of where my hands ended up, but which was actually kind of an improvement, in terms of being able to lift my arms over my head and bend more before coming down), and then stopped to do all of the #10 poses in OKRGR’s list. I get a huge kick out of viparita dandasana, so that actually helped clear my mind as well as open my shoulders. Try two of kapotasana was much more relaxed and open.

The Cop and I are off to visit My Gift today. First time I’ll see her ghetto house. She’s warned me that I will probably cry a little. Ought to be interesting. I lived in a house that made my Mom cry when I was My Gift’s age, so this is a “what goes around comes around” moment. We’re bringing her a TV, and then we’ll go see “Pirates #3” and out to dinner.


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  1. Ugh, I loved the first two Pirates, but #3……it was long and tedious 😦

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