Almost the end of the day here at work. Despite a rather dreary and depressed morning (and getting up WAY too early), the day went along nicely.

One of the things that got to me yesterday was My Gift heading to new lodgings. I am not accustomed to how weird it makes me feel to have her live somewhere other than my home. It was a transition last year, to have her in a dorm, and now she’s off on her own with a couple of the other girls. I’ll have to get my head around that.

The beds are up in lofts in each room. So I woke up in the middle of the night last night, all concerned that she might fall out. I sent her a note this morning, and you can see her reply:

Me: How do you get up into the loft? Is it a wooden ladder on the side? Will you please not drink and try to get up there?

My Gift: Yes, there is a wooden ladder on the side. It would be much harder to get down than up if I were drunk. So unless I’m in my bed drinking, I should be fine.

She cracks me up. Made me feel better, to hear her being a smart ass. She’s loving having her own place, and I’m gonna have to adjust to it.

In Mysore practice news, I showed up at the shala at my usual time and there was Volleyball Guy’s car, The British Director’s car, and an unidentified car. I walk into the studio, which is nice and warm, look to my right, and think: Hey, Ron Jeremy is here!

After a closer look, I realized that no, it wasn’t Ron Jeremy.

This is the second time in a week that we’ve had a mysterious and oblivious visitor. A couple of days ago, it was a tall blond woman. Neither Ron Jeremy nor the blond were Ashtangis, and neither of them wanted to learn, apparently. Volleyball Guy, of course, approached them assuming they were there to learn Ashtanga. But no, they wanted to do “yoga dance” — lots of suryas and virabhadrasana Cs, and down dogs with one leg raised, etc.

This morning, as I did my suryas, I realized that if a beginner came to a Mysore practice, they might actually not realize that everyone is doing the same sequence, since we all start at different times. Okay, so someone wants to dance while the rest of us practice. I’m pretty mellow about that (except at utthita hasta padangusthasana, when the dancing is really distracting when I turn my head). The weird thing, though, was that neither of them paid for class.

The Mysorians now pay Volleyball Guy on a monthly basis. Used to be, each person who showed up threw $10 in the bowl in the center of the room. The bowl is still there, but now it’s for drop-in people. Nada, though, for Ron Jeremy. And apparently when Volleyball Guy told the blond that there was a $10 donation, she laughed like he was telling her a joke.

Alrighty, then. So who are these oblivious people?


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  1. If it allays your fears any, in college I lived in a dorm where all of the beds on the second floor were in lofts, and I never heard of anyone falling out and getting hurt. And yes, we were drinking enough 😉

  2. Thanks for the info! I knew I was just overreacting when I got on the “falling off ladders” worries. Sometimes I think I just need a dose of worrying, and almost any little concern will do.

    “Yogamum admits to drinking and climbing ladders.” Perhaps that’s my next blog entry. 😉

  3. Hi Karen. In our shala it’s always nice when we have guests. One week we had a guest who I think was a rock musician. He had very shor t hair and a long ponytail in back. He told me his name was ThreeRaven. I asked him if his parents gave him that name. No, he said, he is in some group where people take on new names they like. He skateboarded to the shala. He had good energy in his beautiful practice. Another guest for a month was an advanced student from another shala, who flies when coming to samastitihi in a vinyasa. Another one is a practioner of other traditions that more or less will do Second, but his passion is to be a bender, so he does a lot of back opening asanas in addition to Second series up to kapotasana. Another guest signed his name in the register, adorning it with flowers, hearts and birds. The lady at the desk said he was from a little town. Do people from little towns decorate their signatures with symbols from nature? [laugh]. I guess he’s full of love. He proceeded to do a beautiful and strong practice. So yes, it’s nice to have visitors at the shala.

    Oh, Karen, by the way, I am moving to a new apartment where the bed will be in a loft reached by a steep ship’s ladder. I hardly ever drink, but I’m trying to think whether I’m going to descend facing outward, or facing the same way I would when climbing. It seems to protect myself, I need to face the same way both climbing and descending. I will be half asleep, doing this in the dark and won’t want to hurt myself.


  4. Heh! I could admit to a lot of other things…but I won’t…

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