Mother’s Day dinner with The Cop, My Gift and The Frenchman was at a new sushi restaurant. Our favorite is a traditional sushi place, but we wanted to try out the trendy sushi and martini bar that opened recently. Nice place. Interesting rolls. My Gift and The Frenchman have a true appreciation for traditional sushi, but they also love their strange rolls (Marilyn Monroll, Squid Vicious, Eating Nemo).

I went to bed early, in anticipation of a tough practice this morning; after all, my reentry to Mysore practice and Saturday led had left me feeling pretty beat up. Unfortunately, the dog had a bad night. She was up wandering around, then asking to be let out. Unusual behavior for her, so of course I complied. Between 1 and 3 AM, she went out three times. Then she’d go stand by her bed forlornly, before pacing around again. Poor thing. Finally at about 3:30, she drank about a gallon of water, lay down, and fell asleep.

I expected practice to suck, and I wasn’t happy when the alarm went off at 4:30. As it turns out, though, practice was just fine. It’s interesting, because I had such a blissful return to practice after 3 weeks off, and now it is pretty much back to normal. Slightly less wildly blissful, but more intensely soothing and nurturing. Hmmm, rather like the trajectory of a romantic relationship.

Supta kurmasana was nice: usually once Volleyball Guy crosses my ankles, there is a lot of counterpressure in the upper body. Not this morning, though. I did all of primary, as per plan, and then decided to go ahead with the second series poses, through kapotasana. Sanskrit Scholar spotted me on supta vajrasana, and she pulled my arms tighter than I think they’ve ever been. Want to loosen your shoulders? Supta vajrasana’s the asana for the job.

My romance with ibuprofen continues, but not in any significantly disturbing manner. Need to taper off, now that I am back into practice. The only tweak, really, seems to be super sore tricep inserts. I think from trying to stretch my arms straight in urdhva dhanurasana — or anything, really. Basically, they’re like plastic figurine arms — how I wish I had the special Barbie elbow joints that realistically bend and straighten 😉

My Gift presented me with a Mother’s Day gift. It was wrapped, with a little note that I should read it and then pass it on to her. What, I wondered, could she have picked out as something we would both enjoy? I unwrapped it to find “Between a Rock and a Hard Place.” Ah yes, fun for me because I love climbing stories and outdoor adventures, and perfect for My Gift, with her nerdish delight in medical anomalies. The Cop regaled us with tales of gang confrontations and funny taser bloopers (not in the same story). All in all, a lovely Mother’s Day.


3 Responses

  1. I had sushi on Mother’s Day too!

    I haven’t read that book but it is such an amazing story. My kids were talking about it when we were hiking yesterday — debating whether they would, indeed, drink their own urine if stranded in the wilderness with no water.

  2. I was expecting the place to be packed for the holiday, but it wasn’t. Guess sushi isn’t traditional Mother’s Day fare.

    How funny are kids? I love how they imagine themselves in all situations. I suppose that’s why I enjoy the company of writers, too. They seem to keep that childlike tendency.

  3. the gurlfriend LOVED that book. she just finished. it’s quite the tale. i’ll be interested to hear what you think of it.

    happy mother’s day!

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