Looping back

After my last post, Tim left a comment that concluded with “oh, to be young again!” It’s funny, because I’d thought to use that as the last line of my post, but then I’d thought better of it. I think we’re all kind of trained to think “oh to be young again,” but when I really think about it, I know for sure that I would NOT want to go back in time. Sure, it was a blast to be young and reckless. Not a care in the world. At least seemingly. But I was always looking for something else, something to make myself happy, something to stabilize my idea of myself, something to entertain myself. In retrospect, it makes me kind of tired to think of it! So I think the natural order works out just fine. My Gift can have her youth, and I’ll be happy with my current situation.

Led and lunch today. Gosh, it was so nice to get back! I practiced between Crim Girl and Sanskrit Scholar. The room was hot enough to make Sanskrit Scholar speak up when we were finishing up urdhva dhanurasana: “Please, [pant] can we have [pant] some air?” As soon as Volleyball Guy cracked the door, folks close to it complained of being too cold. I think Crim Girl, Sanskrit Scholar and I were in the hottest spot in the room. I was actually enjoying it, after last week’s conference in Orlando, where the hotel kept all the rooms at 66 degrees. Seriously. I had two down blankets on my bed! Every evening I turned on the heat and got the room up to about 80. Every morning the maid came in and reset it to 66.

I totally lucked out in class and got an adjustment in marichyasana D. Lately, provided I’m in a warm room, I can get a wrist bind. So I’m loving the adjustment these days, because it twists me enough to let the non-wrapper hand grasp the lotus leg shin. Something really nice about closing that loop. A very soothing feeling. Similar in emotional tone to a good marichyasana B.

Afterwards, Crim Girl, Sanskrit Scholar, The British Director, Girl with a Red Mat (hereafter known as “The Sicilian”) and a woman I’ll call The Hearty Laugher went out for lunch. Great fun. And lots of news. Crim Girl got married three weeks ago, The British Director toured France, Sanskrit Scholar surfed in Costa Rica. The Sicilian is getting married in two weeks. So lots to talk about. I love hanging out with these women. I’ve always hung out with men, because my interests included martial arts, weightlifting, and climbing. I’m pretty sure I have trust issues with women. But these women (and, I guess, Ashtanginis in general) seem a pretty reliable lot. No weirdness about clothes and makeup and manicures. I guess because we don’t wear outfits that reveal too much about economic/social/political affiliations. Easier to take people at face value. Whatever reason, though, I am grateful for their friendship.

Okay, now it’s time to lie on the couch. Practice the past few days is kicking my ass. I’m taking ibuprofen pretty regularly — not because I feel injured, but because I know the intense practice is likely creating some inflammation. Trying not to start a little addiction, trying not to ascribe good practices to the pharmaceuticals.

Ah, pharmaceuticals. And with that, we’ve circled back to the beginning of this post… Who’da thought, back when I was in my 20s, that I’d one day consider ibuprofen a potentially dangerous pharmaceutical?


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  1. Hey karen! Wondering about the wrist bind thing…are you able to bind in pasasana without a consistent wrist bind in mari d? How about mari c? I was just wondering because I sometimes think that I will never be able to do pasasana, assuming my teacher ever moves me past garba pindasana, if I can’t consisently wrist bind in c and d….?


  2. Hey Lauren, interesting question! I can sometimes get a fingertip bind in pasasana, but it’s still a very tenuous proposition. I guess that makes some sense in relation to your theory: I can get the wrist routinely in C and probably 50% of the time for D — and then the occassional pasasana bind.

    Seems to me like the thing I’m waiting on at this point is opening in the shoulders and upper back, to make the binding action more supple. In D, I can “overtwist” through the hips and back — allowing the work of the lower body to compensate for the lesser abilities of the upper body. That doesn’t work, though, in pasasana!

    Quite honestly, I’d never thought about the progression of the binds: C, D, pasasana. Duh! But I guess therein lies our answer, regarding the possibility of doing pasasana: I certainly remember when D seemed impossible, even as a fingertip bind. And now, following the law of “Practice and All is Coming,” it’s a sure thing.

  3. I think we can allow ourselves a bit of nostalgia without actually wanting to turn back the clock. My mom turns 75 today. Both parents are definitely feeling their age and, physically, on the decline. But in the end, we have no choice but to make peace with this reality.

    I definitely would not want to go back to being a kid. But – supposing you knew then what you know now – a “do over” for some years is fun to think about.

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