May Day

Had a message from Returning Guy this morning, saying he’d expected me at Mysore practice. Also that Volleyball Guy is doing some intro to second series classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Bummer! I wish I could attend.

Still in the measured-return-to-practice phase. This morning: primary to janusirsasana C. Deeeelightful. One good thing about the eye surgery is that I am finding it easy to remember to relax my eye area (since it feels tight if I have any tension in my face at all). Hopefully I can really get into the habit of relaxing my face before the reminder of the sensation finally heals up and goes away.

Tomorrow is a Moon Day and of course I am torn. It is feeling so good to practice. Argh. I can’t decide whether to skip the day or not. Anyhow, my next practice (whether tomorrow or Thursday) will be through navasana, I reckon. And I’m figuring that if I am good through navasana, I’ll get back to urdhva dhanurasana.

Saturday I head off to Florida for work. I’ll be there, self-practicing in a hotel room each morning (ugh!), until Wednesday. Then a home practice on Thursday, and, if all goes well, back to Mysore on Friday, the 11th. Gosh, I’m looking forward to it.

This self practice time is valuable, because I can pay attention to what I’m feeling more clearly when I am alone. I expect that after a week of self-practice, I’ll be more able to temper my glee when I’m in the midst of the Mysorian energy. If I went directly back to the shala at this point, I think I’d have a tough time reining myself in.

The nice new gift from my time off — pranayama — remains shiny and fun to play with. I’ve been doing some viloma pranayama, and it’s really a pleasure. This morning I finally (duh) noticed that the clock in the yoga room makes a tiny little ticking noise. Perfect for keeping the beat. My efforts have been small and very pleasant, and I am trying not to turn into an insane, compulsive, greedy pranayama-learner. So far, so good. Goodness knows, I tend to jump into things rather over-zealously. Maybe I need to be knocked out with surgery and anaesthesia every so often to remind me to chill out and take things more slowly.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Karen
    Where in Florida are you going? Some cities have mysore, but you have to know in advance so you can plan.
    I’ve been under the weather, so I’ve only practices on Monday this week. But I’m going to resume yoga today. I agree with your opinion on the moon day. The thing is that my teacher during the week, who is close to getting her authorization, teaches in a studio that would not observe that. My other teacher on Sundays does observe it, but he’s not part of a big studio. Annie Gurton in Goa said that the real reason that on moon days yoga is not done is because the Hindus have to to puja on moon days, and there would not be time to practice, teach and also do puja. That is what Sharath said to Annie. It’s not because of the mumbo jumbo of the moon being closer to the earth makes the water in our bodies act in such a way that if we hurt ourselves practicing yoga on a moon day we would have a harder time for recovery. Well at least if you practice on a moon day, don’t make it too hard a practice, is what most people say. On this past moon day, I stayed at home and did some yin yoga without vynasas, all floor asanas. I hope I’m not declared a heretic for expressing these opinions here, but they are not my opinions, it’s what I’ve read in the ashtanga support group posts over the years. Namaste, Arturo

  2. Hi Arturo, I’m heading to Florida to support a conference the company I work for puts on. Days start at 7:30AM, so I’ll have to practice in my hotel room — wouldn’t have time to go somewhere, practice, and be on the job on time. No worries, though, I don’t mind hotel practices when I travel. Yes, I’ve heard the puja rationale for Moon Days, also heard it was a break for teachers, so they don’t get burnt out. Either way, I figure I can just go along with SKPJ’s rule, no matter what reason he established it. I mean, I adhere to the “rule” that kurmasana follows bhujapidasana — so might as well stick with the system 😉

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