Left to my own devices

Still not medically cleared for practice, so no led class today. Meanwhile, The Cop is in Baltimore for a family funeral. I am at home with the dog, who is too old to understand or accept being boarded. She’s been with The Cop for many years, and is the creature he loves most in the universe, so we never board her. Either she comes with us when we go somewhere, or one of us stays home with her. Right now she’s out in the yard, basking in the sun. Her dog joy is quite apparent lately: she spends as much time as possible out in the yard, lounging about.

In the evenings, she goes over to the master bedroom side of the house, and the cat comes over into the living space side of the house (they coexist peacefully provided there is a door between them). Anyhow, I let the dog out one door, get the cat, then open a door on the other side of the house to let her in. Usually she is standing right at the door, ready to come in and hop in her dog bed. Last night, though, she’d found a bit of a leftover chewed bone and was lying out in the grass, gnawing blissfully and enjoying the warm evening. She spent about an hour out there, just relaxing. Of course, she’d slept all day, so why the relaxation delighted me so, I can’t say — but it did.

I remember how, when we were kids, we would welcome the longer, warmer evenings in the spring and summer, and I think that’s what the dog was feeling. I’m a responsible adult now, so my sensitivity to evenings is blunted by chores and exhaustion — though last night, the dog’s enjoyment reminded me. Does a dog have Buddha nature? The answer is easy.

Okay, so my stated plan for today was to sleep ALL day. I kind of blew it by going to bed early last night, so I was ready to go again by 8 AM. I repotted all the plants in the house: the kitchen plants, the ones in the yoga room, the ones in the livingroom, and even the ones in the… hmmmm, I’m not sure what it’s called. The entryway to the house. It’s kind of like a vestibule or foyer, but it’s outside. I’m sure there’s a real estate name for it.

I always think of myself as a plant-killer, but we do actually have a good number of plants and all of them are alive, though tattered from the persistent plant-tasting that the cat likes to conduct each night, while the rest of us sleep. I also hosed down the outside foyer/vestible/whatever. And washed the front door, which, I guess rather unsurprisingly, was really dusty/dirty.

I think these are things I am probably supposed to be doing on Saturdays, but I go to led class and then out to lunch with Mysorians. I have a vague sense of perhaps having the wrong priorities, but then I know that as soon as it’s possible, I’m gonna be back on the led and lunch train. So no sense thinking too much about it.

Next stop is the mall. I got a big cash gift from a team at work that I helped out on a project about three months ago. Notice of the gift was a letter stating that the money would be direct-deposited to my acccount. I showed The Cop the letter, and we both agreed it was very nice and very generous. And then I promptly forgot about it. Until this morning when I finally figured out why there was extra money in checking. My finances are as carefully-tended as the plants and the vestibule, I guess. 😉

So off to the mall to find some khaki pants. We put on a annual conference each year, and I am going to Orlando next Saturday. Therefore, khakis are in order. I’m still not clear why jeans are unacceptable but khakis okay, in casual business settings. They seem pretty equivalent to me.

I am now allowed to make my leave. The dog has come in from the backyard and is ready to begin her sleeping on the livingroom couch. Okay. I’m off.


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  1. Hey there DZM – thanks for the words of encouragement on my blog.
    I did find myself entangled, although it was my own doing so go figure.
    School/Yoga balance is coming into focus and I cant tell you how happy that makes me.
    I do miss my old shala and hope to return oneday, there is something very special about practicing infront of Ganesh.

    So proud of you for getting the eyes done, I think it was really courageous to talk about it so candidly.

    much love

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