Two weeks

Delightful to roll out the mat in the sun and just putter about a bit. Started at dandasana and proceeded through marichyasana D. No vinyasas — I just stuck a baddha konasana in between each asana because it felt weird to go from pose to pose with no “re-set button” (which, I realize, the vinyasas serve as) between each.

What felt best? Marichyasana B, of course. It’s always my favorite, under any circumstances.

So I did my little practice and then threw in some samakonasana and called it a day.

Already I felt myself thinking about “getting back to normal” (i.e., my usual level of practice). Goodness, how attached I am. So part of the practice of recovery and return is going to be trying to stay mindful of my own thoughtless ambition.

So: same practice issues, different starting point. I imagine that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, this is exactly what happens. You find yourself in a new situation, and yet there they are, all your usual habits. How crazy is that? I’ve probably chased a bazillion various unnecessary ambitions throughout eons of time.

Damn, that’s some looooooong learning curve 😉


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  1. could you say a little more about why you love marichyB? i sure don’t! so i’m curious. for me C is relatively good, A is ok, D is not good but not as confusing as B. what is your secret?? so far my teacher’s adjustments have not enlightened me- they make it look better though. i know i could use more space in the hips, but i’m guessing it’s also my short torso and tight back creating the weirdness. are you someone with more of a long, loose torso? just trying to figure this out a little. i think i did a doubletake when you said you like marichyB 😉

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