Back at it

Had a note from Returning Guy: Mysore practice is back to a Monday / Wednesday / Friday schedule. I am so pleased with how the Mysorians dealt with the shala schedule challenge. I think we were all kind of shaken by the sudden Tuesday / Thursday schedule, but no one freaked out (at least, not overtly) and when we all saw each other at Saturday led, we discussed the issues, brainstormed some solutions, and just generally worked together to try to square things up, so that we could get back to normal and make sure that everyone is happy and able to practice. Nice work, people!

Today was one of the global advisory board meetings. Up at 4 AM to load slide decks and get the technology up and running. I was (simultaneously) delighted to wake in the super-early morning, and horrified by the hour. How easily I adjusted to sleeping in over the past few weeks! On the other hand, I miss my early-rising, quiet morning reality. Tomorrow I’ll start back with some vinyasa-less asana. I’m gettin’ creaky 😉

I was just chatting with a friend here in my office, and I mentioned how The Cop amused himself during my recovery by putting his hands on the sides of his face and pulling back so his eyes get really tight. I happened to be miming the gesture as the president of the company went by. Sure enough, after my friend left, she circled back around and asked what was going on. She was totally on to me. She had the same surgery 4 years ago, so we exchanged a few stories.


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