Self-consciousness yoga

Just took off the tape on the outer corners of my eyes. Scary, after almost two weeks of having it there. And tight. Really tight. Feel like my face might fall off, without the tape to hold it all together. Also very numb on the outer edges of the eye — whether as a result of the incisions or as a result of not moving that part of my face for so long, I’m not sure. Probably both.

My Gift is visiting for a day — I’m meeting her for lunch at the mall in half an hour. Wanted to put on some makeup and actually look presentable. Since the surgery, I’ve been going out with The Cop — just popping on some big Scottdalesque sunglasses and letting him lead me around. I’m not cleared for contacts yet; I had to go blind since I wanted to use sunglasses (non-prescription) to cover the bruises and tape.

So now I’m leaving the house with regular glasses and some makeup. The closest I’ve come to facing the world without cover of darkness (i.e., sunglasses). I know, I’m being a baby. I have an aversion to attention, though, so I don’t like feeling obstrusive. Or like a Scottsdale cliche, which, if I am entirely honest, I can’t really claim not to be.

Got to go back (physically) to work tomorrow, which will feel challenging — again, the attention issue. Can’t I just telecommute forever? 😉 But for now, lunch with My Gift. She’ll be my biggest critic. Not that she isn’t always marvelously compassionate: but she’s also highly observant. A little unlike The Cop, who, when prompted, said, “I don’t really see that much of a difference.”

He looks straight into my heart.

Tomorrow is our first anniversary. We’ll celebrate tonight, with a trip to the sushi restaurant where we celebrated post-ceremony last year.


3 Responses

  1. Happy anniversary!

    I can see how it would be scary going out into the world with a “new face.” But it’s the same you after all..

  2. After I got lasik they made me wear these huge goggle things for a day or so. I wrapped a scarf around my head and pretended to be jackie o for the day…have fun with the new look and the interim look!

  3. Oh, I love Jackie O! I wish I’d thought of it. Though I suppose that’d run counter to my “less attention is better” principle.

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