Uh oh, just read the rules again

I’m not great with rules. I think I used to break them purposely, but now I just seem to have gotten out of the habit of paying attention to them at all.

For example, the rule about resting during recovery. The Cop has been looking askance at me since my return to work, which, though occuring via the bruise- and bandage-hiding medium of telecommuting, did stretch on for 9 1/2 hours yesterday.

He also looked at me funny as I lay around on the couch putting first one then the other leg behind my head. Not comfortably yet, but still. For some reason, I find lying around with my leg behind my head to be very, very funny. The only other asanas I’ve done during recovery are samakonasana (No leaning forward, or your eyes will pop out and you’ll be sorry! I imagined my surgeon saying. It was effective, too. I didn’t even feel tempted to lean forward.) and baddha konasana (again, the no-leaning-forward version). Hey wait a minute! In my link picture, Arjuna, top model of all things asana, is leaning a little. I was taught I had to be really straight up and down on this pose. I’ll have to ask about that. I’d be happier with the Arjuna version.

So that’s it for asana. Did do some pranayama with Michael Gannon’s CD, and that was pretty nice. I immediately started trying to figure out how I could manage pranayama breaks at the office. People always come to talk to me, so it’s not something I could keep hidden. On the one hand, they already think I’m weird, so maybe I don’t have much to lose. On the other hand, perhaps this would be the straw that finally brings a security escort to the exit.

I’m sure my boss would be amused. She thinks it’s funny that I leave the room sometimes, saying I’m going to “go think.” I’m sure it’d sound especially funny if I started needing time to “go breathe.”

Okay, so back to rules. There are rules attached to awards (down side), but awards are pretty cool (up side). Imagine my delight when someone whose blog often makes me think actually nominated me for a Thinking Blogger Award. Thanks, Yogamum. I feel like a one-note kind of blogger, because while I may think, I pretty much only think about yoga practice. I let other bloggers do the thinking about other (likely more interesting) things.

Which makes it easy for me to nominate my own Thinking Bloggers:

Visions of Cody — Who writes about yoga and philosophy with self-awareness and a kind of hilarity you only find in the Boston area.

Inside Owl — Who is resolutely PoMo, with cracks around the writing edges that make it all delightfully human.

Hardcore Zen — Who is the first zen blog I’d share with anyone who was suspicious of zen — and we all should be šŸ˜‰

Bad News Hughes — Who is the guy to turn to when you feel like you’re a loser with a dysfunctional family, because he will top any story of humiliation or pain you could possibly come up with. (Well worth checking out his posts about Christmas with his family in 2004 and 2005!)

Mimi Smartypants — Who makes me wish I were a real blogger.

The participation rules are simple:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to the Thinking Blogger Award post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award.’


Uh oh, I just read the rules again. In the end, many of the bloggers I love actually make me laugh a lot. Is that the same as “think”?

I’m going to say yes. Hey, that’s actually kind of an interesting thought…


3 Responses

  1. Wishing you a good recovery… the drugs were the hardest part…aside from finding the breath again after the anesthesia!

  2. Thank you Karen. You’re too kind. And you know that the feeling is mutual.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better!


  3. Wait…. So the covert reading is mutual? I had no idea. Good to see you also tagged the good Mister Pomeray.

    OF COURSE you are a thinking blogger, Karen. Especially for the way you let your zen experiences, and memories of what retreats have revealed, come in to your life every day. It’s great.

    I’ll mull this over and settle on five new thinkers soon. Meantime take care and all my best.

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