I’m happy to find myself back in a normal weekend. Last weekend, the parents were here, and the weekend before, we went to Tucson to see Richard Freeman. So thank God for this weekend, when I can relax, spend time with The Cop, clean the house — normal stuff.

Led class was good yesterday. Very hot, not too crowded. I practiced between The Cat and Crim Girl. Perfect conditions.

I’m checking out the weather in New York, as I head there on Wednesday. Last trip, I was in Chicago, where I looked like someone prepared for a polar expedition. Overdid it a bit in the warm clothing department.

Seems like there is a lot of discussion lately about beliefs. Crim Girl and I chatted a bit about it yesterday — she’d read something about Western religions being high on establishing and adhering to beliefs, and Eastern religions being less concerned with that. I’ve found that most of the zen monks or Tibetan lamas I’ve talked to have indeed been uninterested in pinpointing “the truth” (generally, they’ll laugh at you if you try to go down that road) and simply interested in practicing (whatever the practice might be). The whole “figuring everything out” impulse doesn’t seem to factor in for them.

I seem to be heading in that direction as well. Not at all long ago, I was wondering about what would happen if I relinquished my “mind” (i.e., tons of discursive thought) in a corporate environment. As it turns out, nothing “happens.” The world does not disintegrate, all hell doesn’t break loose, and basically, you just end up exactly where you started, but without an impulse to control it all. Just as much gets “done,” and with considerably less pain.

This is all a function of practice, and I’m grateful for it. Interestingly, I feel less and less inclined to write about it.


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  1. hey karen, it will be great to have you in our neck of the woods. today is absolutely gorgeous — 70 degrees and sunny — but will be cooling off somewhat toward the end of the week.
    can’t wait to meet you in person!

  2. Hi Karen. I enjoy your description of your challenges with the Diwi Pada adjustment in Supta Kurmasana. On the second series, I’m currently stopped at Eka Pada, until my left leg stays on its own without my holding it behind my head. It’s the reason I have trouble getting into Diwi Pada, because the left leg is tight and stubborn.

    I started blogging about ashtanga and other things http://cronyogitect.blogspot.com/
    I think I’m doing so in order to understand the difficult poses. I now understand better what has to happen for me to come up to standing in Urdha Danurasana.

    I like how you name your fellow practitioners. I’ve thought of names for some of my fellow practitioners – Iron Man, Surfer Guy, Snow White (we’re the 7 dwarfs next to her capacity), etc. But how do you go about telling them, if they’re reading, what you’ve called them? Are you concerned someone might be concerned about your characterization of them? I suppose it is better than naming names. If you prefer to write to me offblog, my email is volae at earthlink dot net. Thanks, Arturo, San Francisco.

  3. Hi Arturo. I don’t worry about the names I give folks, and they don’t seem to mind (if they even know about it). I would never say anything critical about any of my fellow Mysorians, so that’s not an issue, either. A couple of people have suggested different names for themselves, and I’ve then called them by the names they chose. No worries on that score. I kind of feel like the historian of our community, so mostly I just enjoy our time together and write about how the energy of the shala feels, and how my practice is coming along. I don’t think there’s much that anyone could take offense with. And the folks who know I blog seem to enjoy it and appreciate the fact that I’m writing about our little yoga group. Good luck with dwi pada. I’ll keep reading your blog to see how your progress goes! Karen

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