Mysore this morning. All the usual suspects. Plus a fellow who generally comes to Saturday led. The heat cranked up and spring kind of here in the desert anyway — so quite toasty. Lately I’ve been wanting to do three surya As and three surya Bs instead of the usual five. Sometimes I indulge myself, sometimes I make myself be good and do five, and sometimes I just forget how many I’ve done anyhow and pretty much quit when I feel like it.

Got a super adjustment in dhanurasana this morning. One of the ones that challenges you not to freak out. Volleyball Guy sat on my feet, which popped my upper body up. He’s a big guy, so he could reach one arm around me, his forearm parallel with my collarbones, and pull back on my shoulders. With the other hand, he squashed down my waist. In a big way.

“Good,” he said (which made me happy), “You’re looking backwards” (which I kind of had to not think about too much because it made me feel a little panicked).

The Cat helped me out in kapotasana. What’s the deal with my arms? They don’t fold up for the first part of the pose (though The Cat helped push me a bit more in the right direction), and they don’t straighten for kapo B.

The primary plus second to supta vajrasana practice is fun. An endurance event. Challenges me to regulate my pacing and my breath. I like having something new to work through. As I was leaving the shala, Volleyball Guy asked me how my practice was. “A long haul,” I replied. But that’s not a complaint.


5 Responses

  1. How can someone sit on your feet in dhanurasana? Are you sure you weren’t doing bhekasana instead? 🙂

  2. Nope. Dhanurasana. I was like a little boat, and he sat his butt on my feet (i.e., stern). Tell me what you are accustomed to as a dhanurasana adjustment. This is the only kind I’ve ever experienced, so I’m curious to hear!

  3. I am sorry to be so thick, but how can he sit on your feet when they are up in the air???? I rarely receive Dhanurasana adjustments but when I do, the adjuster grabs my feet and pulls them up higher.

  4. Haha! You’re not being thick, you’re just not envisioning it. He uses his weight to push down on my feet, which pops my upper body up more, and which he can then pull back more into the backbend. My feet aren’t pointed, like here: , but flat, so he can sit his weight down on them. Does that make more sense? If not, I’ll try to get a photo the next time someone has a camera at the shala.

  5. Oh, I see.

    Hmmm…in my shala they do something like that for bhekasana. The adjuster sits on your legs and then pulls your shoulders back.

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