Home practice this morning. I had coffee. I couldn’t stand it any more. I need to hear the happy beeping of the coffee maker as it completes the brewing of my wake-up coffee. Then it makes sense to get out of bed. Otherwise, I have no reason.

Holy moley, does coffee help my motivation! I feel kind of bad about this, because it’d be nice if it was all me, but apparently a good bit of my energy and focus at 4:30 AM over the past year and a half has been chemical.

So, a lovely practice this morning. I forgot utthita hasta padangusthasana and ardha baddha padmottanasana. Did notice that my knees felt unusually tight in ardha baddha padma paschimottanasana, but didn’t realize it was due to the skipped poses until almost the end of practice. Duh.

See? If Volleyball Guy wasn’t around, I’d end up with some kind of mutant practice.

Email discussion yesterday with Mysorians about the change to Mysore days. I think, as a group, we will get through this and end up in a better situation. At least, I hope.

Practiced up to supta vajrasana, which is both fun and feels good. The Cop is amused that it requires me to get up from my mat, go into another room, and jam my lotused legs under a piece of furniture.

I’m happy I can provide him some entertainment.


3 Responses

  1. I totally need caffeine in order to practice. I’ve accepted it.

  2. I gave up coffee 4 years ago – I remember that it was difficult at first but after a few weeks I noticed a difference. You don’t need anything other than getting up to wake up for example, feel less tired, and less on edge. I didn’t notice how much it affected me until I stopped. I also quit all other forms of caffeine at the same time.

    Here’s an interesting article (worth the annoying “enter email for access” thing – use an old one):


  3. for home practices, I set the coffee to brew during savsana, so I rejoin the world with a fresh cuppa.

    I do have coffee on the way to the studio. I don’t get the gurgling but I stress about the need to pee ruining practice!

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