New toy: iPod shuffle. Holds enough Coldplay tunes to get me through practice, and clips on unobtrusively. (Note to self: Coldplay obsession may be slightly unhealthy.)

Yesterday parents were moved to a hotel closer to their new home. Got ’em a rental car. Now they can spend two days getting everything set up as they wait for their furniture to arrive from Florida. I will not feel guilty for being so happy to have my house back. I will not feel guilty.

Actually don’t feel guilty at all. Generally speaking, I only feel guilty about not feeling guilty. Always been that way. I made a very poor Catholic.

Stayed up late last night because the old TV broke, so The Cop needed a new one. On the double. It’s March madness.

We rearranged all the furniture. A chance for me to find the really well-hidden dust bunnies. So I was tired this morning, since we went to bed late. Scary late. Like 10 PM 😉

Home practice day. Stood on the mat and thought: “Maybe just do standing and second series poses through supta vajrasana.” My psoas muscles were still screaming, my shoulders were sore, blah, blah, blah. “Really,” I asked myself, “What should you do?” All of primary and then second through supta vajrasana.

So I did. And feel much better now.


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