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Much fun at the second series workshop this morning. Some ‘splainin’, then some doing. Just the way I like it. Volleyball Guy is not a metaphor kind of guy. He likes to talk a bit about the pose, or sequence of a few poses, then have us go for it. Includes adjustment info, too, so we can help each other at Mysore practice.

So we started off with the beginning of second, which is at least familiar to me. I was kind of psyched to get to laghuvajrasana, kapotasana and supta vajrasana — more psyched than terrified (which I was when Volleyball Guy told me to do ’em on Friday) so that’s a good sign.

Most notable achievement (yeah, I know “achievement” is the wrong word), was touching my toes in kapotasana. On the right side. Left hand about an inch away, according to The British Director. Left shoulder was the rotator cuff tear. Years ago, but still enough to make me a little stiffer on that side.

I was thrilled with the toe touching (with an assist, of course!) because I really had kind of imagined it’d be a couple of years before my fingers ever even brushed my toes. That said, the assist was pretty cranking (in other words, it won’t necessarily be easy to reproduce). “Are you okay?” The British Director asked as she cranked my arms. “Yes,” I said, even as my internal monolog said, “No!” It’s funny when you get that extra oomph of curiosity and determination. Always a dangerous line, of course, seeing as it could lead to injury. But I wanted to see what it felt like.

Other poses were fun, but the real entertainment was with the headstands. We did three of the seven. I love the hand transition, back to the “Headstand One” hands, then the lowering of the legs to half headstand, followed by the little “pop” into chaturanga. Just fun. Reminiscent of the kind of things we’d do for fun when we were kids.

Second part of second will be April 22. We’ll do all the poses we didn’t do today. I’m already looking forward to it.


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