Bit it in led practice today. Bit what, you ask? The floor. With my head.


Actually, hitting your head at the bottom of a dropback is much less painful than you might think. The thought that seemed to happen simultaneously with the crash was “Wow, my head is strong.”

Muscle Man was taking half of us through dropbacks and Volleyball Guy was workshopping handstands with the other half of the class. I felt bad for Muscle Man — he looked pretty upset after I crashed. I was fine, though, and explained that I’d been dreading the (I suspect) inevitable learning-dropbacks head biff. So now I’m past the dread part. And it wasn’t all so awful. He had me do three more after the crash. The “get back on the horse” rationale. Fair enough. I was kind of shaky, but I understood I had to do it.

I wonder if there is a point with dropbacks when you realize you just have to go for it — and probably take a few dings along the way — and that that’s just the way it has to be? Or perhaps that is a reckless idea? I dunno. If anyone has any experience with this, let me know.

Before I go to sleep, I need to get into that half-awake state and have a chat with myself about how everything’s okay and the trauma can be let go of.

Tomorrow is a second series workshop with Volleyball Guy. I’m looking forward to it. Monday’ll be my moon day. Looking forward to that, too!


4 Responses

  1. The first (and only, so far) time I tried a dropback, the teacher assured me she’d never dropped anyone, and then she dropped me on my head! I was surprised at how little it hurt.

    I shouldn’t have been doing it anyway, I wasn’t ready, but she was a sub and offered and I decided to try it. You’re right, the crash kind of takes the fear out of it.

  2. Oh you definitely have to go through the head butting. Even after you “get it” initially, there are a few… It comes and goes in the beginning.

    And even NOW… well if you try a new method. I do the slightly ducky feet drop backs. I was with Venkatesh this winter. Second time in his backbending workshop. He cranked the hell out of me all session and then made me do hip-width, parallel feet drop backs. I got it that day. But the next day when I was a quarter as prepared? BONK!

    More humiliating than anything else.

  3. I’ve been lucky in that I have never bonked my head. I read Iyengar’s paragraph about drop backs (in Light on Yoga) and he said ‘keep the arms straight, or you will hit the head on the ground’–something like that. Anyway, I thought, gosh, that makes sense! Also, I was very lucky because my teacher did drop backs with me for TWO YEARS before I was able to do them by myself. Therefore, I never fell or was dropped. I still had a lot of fear each time I did them and sometimes I would go to the bathroom and cry a LOT before I did them, but I have been doing them on my own for two years now and no disasters. I’m glad to hear that hitting your head isn’t so bad. Sometimes it’s ‘good’ to do these things, fall out of headstand, etc, so that you know it isn’t so bad. Good luck and keep bending!

  4. oh, and I like the nicknames you have for people. We had a guy at our studio that we called Underpants Man because when he first started coming, he would practice in his underpants~!

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