You talkin’ a me?

Mysore this morning. No energy again. Actually, more specifically, my mind was busy (parents move to AZ today), and my shoulders and arms felt burnt out. So the whole dealio was sluggish.

And rather stiff. I was perplexed (Why is this happening?!), but couldn’t be too cranky about it, because truth be told, I’ve enjoyed months of happy, flexy practices. Knock wood.

I thought about how Returning Guy (who needs to be re-named “Mr Bikram”) told me recently that he avoids nightshades because they cause stiffness. All of a sudden, I find myself in down dog, blaming the tomato sauce I had last night for all my physical woes. Until I remembered, oh yeah, you’ve had months of comfy practices — suck it up and get on with it!

So I did. Not happily, but oh well. And at the end (yes, crim on a Friday) I did the second series poses through ustrasana. Ah, lovely! The second series backbends are starting to feel really good and more open.

At which point, Volleyball Guy says, “laghu vajrasana.” I turned around to look behind me. You talking to me? Uh, yeah. “Don’t stop at ustrasana, go ahead and do the next section.” Alrighty. I guess. (Holy God, what is the next section?!) Luckily, he intended to stand by and assist me through “the next section.” Which included laghu vajrasana, kapotasana, and supta vajrasana.

Uncle! Uncle! The low-energy practice must come to an end! He took mercy on me, finally, and let me do dropbacks with Sanskrit Scholar.

Interestingly, after the surprise “section,” I felt really cheery and relaxed. Backbends are a huge pain in the butt, but they sure do make you feel good.

You know. Afterwards.


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