Today I slept in. On a weekday. On purpose. Until 6:30 AM.

Yesterday was Day 8 of practice, because of the weekend workshop and my not wanting to miss Monday Mysore (Mysore practice with Volleyball Guy is Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Usually I’m not so attached to Mysore, but I’m out of town at the end of the month, and then Volleyball Guy will be out of town for the first two weeks of April. I need to get my fill of Mysore practice so I’ll be eager for some home practices.

Anyhow, it rocked to sleep until 6:30. I was actually having dreams when I woke up. I also could have coffee. Yes, I’m back to the caffeine. Quitting is much harder than I would have anticipated. Still not drinking any before practice (because I really don’t want to barf during backbends), but I am back to having some after practice. Why? Because I can’t bear the headaches. I’ve tried cutting back, but still. There they are, the headaches. They want one full cup of coffee per day. Yesterday I had to break down at 3 PM and have a cup to finally get rid of the headache. So at this point, best I can do is move the addiction to follow practice instead of precede it.

Most notable sensation of the morning: after waking, having coffee, and getting ready for work, I was driving to the office and suddenly felt totally swept along in (and by) the morning. It felt pleasant and kind of manic, and I knew immediately that it was because I hadn’t had my chance to pull myself out of time and be still in my mind, which is what I do each morning at practice.

The yogi(ni)s I know always talk about meditating or wanting to meditate (aside from their Ashtanga practice) and more and more I believe that my practice is meditation. Wasn’t that Guruji’s point in inventing the whole system?


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  1. Did you say Guruji invented the system?


    Just kidding… I believe that I have heard from several authoritative teachers that being able to sit in meditation for long periods of time is, indeed, the ultimate point of the practice.

    Personally if I could meditate for more than two minutes, I’d be thrilled.

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