Nice to be at Mysore practice this morning. I love walking into that hot room. Small group, including The Other Dave, Renaissance Man, The Cat, The Gymnast, and Girl with a Red Mat. It felt great to stretch, but I was rather lacking in oomph. Still the naggy almost-cold. Hacking coming from the mats across from me, but I didn’t look up to see who it was. I get pretty Howard Hughes about germs, so it’s best I not have a target for my phobia and critical thoughts.

Speaking of critical thoughts: they’ve been pretty mild lately. Others around me (my boss, my lead designer) have been dealing with things that cause them to share critical comments with me, and that kind of mellows out my critical nature. Interesting. If people around me are worked up, my critical nature seems to diminish, and I go into “put it into perspective” mode, which usually involves a little rationalizing and a good laugh. I wonder if systems have a “drama equilibrium” that needs to be kept? When I stop and think about it, the people I interact with most often (when I get to pick who I interact with at work) have a drama level / optimism level / humor level quite similar to my own. I wonder if we function as a cell within the larger organizational system, if we have an equilibrium that suits us and which we take turns adjusting with our individual moods. Interesting to think of the whole organization composed of these cells, with different drama equilibriums sustained by the individual members.

Well, and the Mysorians would be a system, too. Small, though, and rather inclusive, so a little harder to see the splinter cells. I’ll have to have a look at that when a bunch of us go to Tucson this weekend.

Renaissance Man cracked me up this morning. Most of us got to backbends around the same time, so there was lots of bending and breathing going on. Not sure what Volleyball Guy was having The Cat do, but I heard Renaissance Man say, “Time for the Oh My God breathing technique.” I’ve been really trying to get the breathing worked out on my backbends. It’s very hard for me to stay present and to remember to breathe. But it is getting better incrementally.

And in My Gift news: We shot a couple of emails back and forth last night. She is a nerd. Discovery Channel. History Channel. She was all psyched a couple of nights ago for the start of a program on the Dark Ages. I asked her about it yesterday, and she sent me a pretty muddled gloss of the plague during that time. As I joke, I wrote back and said, “What kind of synopsis was that? Were you drinking while you watched the show?!”

Her reply: “Yeah Mom, History Channel drinking games. Everytime they say ‘barbarian,’ ‘Rome,’ or ‘antiquity’ you take a shot. Loads of fun.”

Funny little nerd.


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  1. Oh this is funny! I see critical thoughts have been on many Astanga bloggers’ minds lately.

    Which just reminded me, for no apparent reason, of another way that I like to escape from my own, periodic negativity – helping someone else. Of course it’s not as if I want to generate any crisis for others, so I can rush in on my white horse.

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