Spacey, but quick

Kind of sick practice this morning. Not bad, though. My ayurvedic remedies seem to be staving off the flu that’s hitting everyone at the office. I had loads of energy as I got on the mat. Super cheerful and energetic. By the end of standing, though, felt a little peaked. Fine. Did a bunch of backbends and called it a day. I imagine I’ll be pretty much back to normal tomorrow.

Sat by the bookshelf after practice and had a look at Lino’s book and John Scott’s. Verifying the breath on each vinyasa. It seems my practice gets faster and faster. Am I skipping breaths? Apparently not. Sometimes I worry a bit about how quickly I go. Asked Volleyball Guy about it ages ago and he dismissed the concern. People should pay attention to breath and drishti and bandhas, and the rest will take care of itself. Okay.

Truth be told, when the breath is so strong it just feels like it’s carrying me between and through asanas. Quite a lovely feeling. I wonder if I’m spacing out on it, though. Or if that’s the way it’s supposed to feel. I guess I don’t really trust myself fully, given a past history of enjoying substances that space me out. That’s my tendency, and I guess I feel a need to keep an eye on myself, on my motives. Spacey chick. Vata, I guess.

As far as coffee goes: I’m off the bean. I’m still quite surprised at how it affects my physical and mental reality. I mean, really, it was ONE cup a day. Still, the habit was strong. Perhaps because it was the first action of every single day. I’m not thinking coffee or caffeine is bad. Just checking out the non-caffeinated side of things. It’s different. Not better or worse, just a change.


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  1. I do my whole practice in 1 1/2 hours (not including Savasana). Fast, but I’m ok with it 🙂

  2. Really? The whole thing, through your good chunk of second? That makes me feel much better! I’ve been moving through primary in less than an hour lately. Do other folks at your shala move along so quickly?

  3. Yup, I start my first Surya Namaskara around 5:50am and go into savasana at around 7:20am. The people around me seem to practice at more or less the same pace as I.

  4. Primary in an hour? Whew. That’s faster than Sharath’s CD!

  5. I breathe fast, I guess. Perhaps channeling a past life as a scared rabbit? Volleyball Guy tells me I’m very vata: which means a tendency to do things quickly and to always be in motion. Sometimes I worry about it, but it doesn’t seem like anything I can change.

  6. I’m going to try speeding things up; maybe it will help me spare a little more time to work on supta K and backbends.

    ps I posted pics today about the milk crate thing we messaged about a while ago.

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