Not as good after practice

No coffee before practice today. How dreamy I felt, driving over to the studio. Literally dreamy — as in, Geez, I hope I don’t go to sleep.

Of course, I kind of screwed up my “what does practice feel like without coffee” experiment by going out last night (The Cop and I met Crim Girl and her fiance for dinner) and having two drinks and more food than I usually eat on a night before practice (including french fries). I am both an extremely poor researcher and a poor subject.

So the word is in: no coffee before practice helps the nausea-during-backbends portion of practice, but two drinks and fries kind of mucks up the whole deal. I was telling The Cop just now that I felt like the lime in my drinks kind of disagreed with me, and he said, “By lime, you mean vodka, right?” Okay, fine. Debauchery is not my thing any more, I guess. Sad, really. I used to be so good at it 😉

Um, and thanks, Susan, for reminding me, when I was all wound up about having to quit coffee, that I can just drink it after practice. I think it’s really funny that I couldn’t seem to figure that out on my own.