If it’s not one thing…

Three way conference call to Pakistan and Hong Kong last night got moved from 7 PM my time to 9 PM. Dangerously close to the time I fall into unconsciousness, whether ready or not. And then the call was difficult to connect, pushing the actual start time to 9:20. Finished up well after 10. Ow! There is nothing worse than planning a project that’s going to be 1) difficult to design, 2) difficult to deliver, and 3) on a tight timeline — all during a time when I really needed to be asleep. So I fell into deep unconsciousness as soon as I hit the pillow, and was really surprised to hear the alarm go off this morning. I think, technically, I didn’t quite have time to process the whole mess. Extra brain processing and subconscious-recalibrating will have to wait until tonight.

Practice this morning was really cheery, as sometimes happens when I get less sleep than usual. No idea why that happens. Maybe some kind of defense mechanism of the body/mind.

And I have a question: do twisting poses always kind of go to hell when one is progressing in backbends? It has an intuitive appeal, that theory, but maybe I am just deluding myself. Either way, gonna just have to keep on keepin’ on. Try not to get too invested in the depth of Marichy C and D as I focus on the backbends, etc. Always a balancing act.