This morning, The Cat came over and stood on my thighs during baddha konasana. All I could think was, “Hmmm, ibuprofen will probably be a good idea later.” What a great crack from my sacrum, though. Mmmm.

I always love when I get the cracks on trikonasana. If I don’t, the rest of practice feels a little resistant. I have to put that expectation down, otherwise I’ll start judging how things are going to be according to that one factor. Which would be lame.

Anyhow, as per usual, I did my urdhva dhanurasanas and then Volleyball Guy came over. We did a couple more urdhva ds, and then dropbacks. Very slow, hanging, cranking-the-shoulders open kind of dropbacks. The kind that leave you panting at the end. We did five or six of those. As I bent forward to gather my wits, Volleyball Guy asked, “Feel kind of shaky?” “Not too bad,” I said. I was thinking I wanted to do the ones where I go back on my own and he catches me at the very end. He went off to do something else, though, so I figured I’d leave it alone.

Sure enough, as I got into paschimottanasana, he was back, squishing me down. My feet and legs started shaking. Hmmmm, I guess I was pretty shaky. Even as I did the lying flat/five breaths before sarvangasana, I was still kind of vibrating at a high speed.

Yikes! Backbends — breakfast of champions…


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