No more margaritas on Sunday evening. How many times do I have to learn this lesson? The Cop and I love to go out for dinner and have a drink, but it seems to be playing havoc with the dropbacks. Makes me queasy.

And it was a backbend festival this morning. Volleyball Guy let me do three urdhva dhanurasanas on my own, then came over and had me do more so he could do the adjustment where he sits and pushes his foot into my upper back. Then he put blocks on the floor for my feet and we did some of those. Time for dropbacks! (Oh, tart margarita, you’re killing me!) Dropbacks were okay. I was distracted by my tummy. I need to think about weighting my legs down and curling my shoulders back and breathing — so throwing the tummy consciousness into the mix kinda messed up my ability to keep track of everything.

Remind me next Sunday to have water instead.


3 Responses

  1. “No more margaritas on Sunday evening.”

    Ahhh, but you only live once!!! Start earlier in the day and then drink a TON of water. lol.

  2. LOL! To be fair, I’ve probably had more than my share of tequila for this lifetime 😉

  3. Once I had too much beer the night before and ended up burping my way through the whole practice, I had to wait to burp before being able to take the bind in the twists…honestly. And I don’t like burping upside down. I never did it again, totally uncomfortable practice!

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