Feminism and the Horror Beanie

Hard getting started this morning. I was up a little late emailing My Gift. A week or so ago, she told me that for her Women’s Studies class they were all required to interview a woman at least a generation older, about feminism. Yesterday afternoon she asked if we could start the interview. Then, at about 6:45 PM, she texted me to say she’d checked her syllabus and the interview was due in a couple of days. She was going to skip her workout (she goes to a weight/aerobics/abs combo class at the rec center) in order to finish it up. I immediately called her. “Why are you going to skip your workout?” “Because I don’t want to keep you up late.” “That’s no problem. Go to your class. We can work afterwards.” “But you get up at 4 AM!” “Go to the class! GO!!”

So she went to class. I am charmed that she was thinking of me and my rest, and I wanted to laugh. Keeping me up an hour late has nothing on the nights I stayed up all night when she had a fever, or was barfing, or whatever. An extra hour spent on an email interview? Piece of cake!

It was interesting to answer My Gift’s questions about my feelings re: feminism. Many of the answers involved choices I’d made in order to survive as a single Mom while she was growing up. Her assignment is to interview someone, then compare her feelings/beliefs to theirs. I am looking forward to reading the final paper. I don’t really know what My Gift’s thoughts are on the issue. It’s kind of interesting: I’ve tried to expose her to lots of views, but I haven’t tried to influence her too much one way or another. I figure my example is the best argument I might make. Plus, she’s a smart person: she can make her own decisions. I don’t have strong feelings about what she should feel/believe: whether she identifies as a feminist, what religion she feels akin to (or no religion at all), her political views, even if she ends up — gulp! — a Republican πŸ˜‰ Seriously, though: the only “rule” I had was that she must be tolerant of other people, and that she must understand that others might not be tolerant in return. She just has to carry on, though, regardless, and do what she thinks is right. And so far, she’s always done very well.

Okay, so admittedly, I was kind of off this morning. Hard getting going. I stayed up late with My Gift, and then at around 2 or 3 AM, I heard The Cop get home from his swing shift. Apparently he was in the middle of one of his horror movies, and he decided to watch the end of it when he got home. I think it is very funny that when I watch movies on my own (stuff we get from NetFlix that only one of us wants to see), it is usually accompanied by a quiet soundtrack of Japanese music or the faint murmur of a language other than English. The Cop’s movies, on the other hand, are a soundtrack of screams. Occasionally he’ll watch a documentary or foreign film with me, and once in a while, I’ll watch a horror movie. Generally, though, if we pick a movie to watch together, it’s more middle-of-the-road.

So this morning I was a little tired, a little distractable, and when I finished my usual reading, I headed over to Amazon for some Japanese novels and a book by Richard Serra, who is one of my favorite sculptors. I guess that’s my rather pathetic version of retail therapy.

Once that was done and I had nothing else to do but get to practicing, I decided I should put some oil in my hair, as it’s been really dry. Yes, I knew this was just my mind amusing itself with more and more ideas, but it felt cheerful and lively, so I indulged it a little. What to put over my oily hair, though? The last thing I need is to be rubbing oil onto my mat during the prasaritas or supta konasana, etc. Oh wait! An opportunity to dress strangely around the house! My Gift left behind a black mesh beanie, which would hold my hair in place and prevent it from messing up my mat. And the beanie has sequins!

So today’s fashion ensemble included regular yoga clothes covered by an inside-out sweatshirt and a black sequinned beanie. Rock on!

Practice was nondescript, except for the hanging back thingies after urdhva dhanurasana. I decided to be extremely sporty and non-yogic and use my watch to time them. I did three standing hang-backs for 30 seconds each (turns out, 30 seconds is a LONG time!), then tried three from ustrasana position. The standing ones really seem to dig into the hip flexors, and the ustrasana version seems to get more into the quads. Not sure why that is yet. The nice thing about the ustrasana version is that there’s a shorter distance to fall, if it comes to that.

Okay, gotta go wash this oil out of my hair. Need to get rid of the black beanie before The Cop wakes up and thinks he’s in the midst of another horror movie πŸ˜‰


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