A schooling

Got a schooling this morning in marichyasana c and marichyasana d.

Volleyball Guy cranked me in both. Remember that quote I mentioned a few weeks back, about how a teacher’s responsibility is to keep the student from taking the path of least resistance? As I was being cranked into breathlessness, I realized that I settle for my hand bind in both poses. On Saturdays, at led class, if it’s nice and hot, I’ll sometimes go for the wrist binds on marichy c. Today, though, it was all wrist binds. Truth be told, it was the first time I’ve ever even attempted a wrist bind on marichy d. Remarkably, all of this cranking was done the day after the Super Bowl. So I can no longer use the “I ate weird stuff yesterday” excuse for not going for the wrist binds.

And it was definitively proven that though I feel like my ribs are going to pop out from under my skin and my skull explode, deep deep twists really won’t kill me.

I felt a little abashed, once I understood how rote my marichyasanas have been. Okay, so in some ways, I’m a slacker. In other ways, though, I’m not. I practice my six days a week, I work hard, but I have my slacker moments: the settling for hand binds, the extremely crappy exits from bhujapidasana and supta kurmasana.

I have been reminded that part of my practice is on the path of least resistance. No more! Tittibhasana, here I come!


2 Responses

  1. I find Ashtanga to be a good training in learning what’s “good enough”. This is a system where you can easily drive yourself to the ground, if you put all your effort in every single asana and vinyasa. So you have to find the elusive middle ground: get to the level that is achievable and “a good performance” for you (in your case it would be wrist binding, but for other people fingernail is perfectly good), while still being able to walk out of the practice feeling energized instead of depleted.

    As a fellow overachiever, I could have written your post!

  2. […] entry, I was aware that I also tend to strive to overachieve. Fellow overachiever Vanessa wrote an interesting comment on yesterday’s post, and it makes me want to write a little more about the […]

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